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Comment Re:Ha, the joke's on them! (Score 5, Interesting) 153

Whatever the cause for melting Arctic is, it's actually bound to cause more use for those icebreakers instead of freeing them up. Just like any other country with coastline to Arctic sea areas, Russia has plans to drill oil in the Arctic. They are also trying to start using the northern route for shipping around the continent.

Also as previous poster noted, there's always winter. And it's not necessarily getting any easier because of the global warming, because extreme weather conditions may become more common.

Comment Re:After reading that story three times (Score 5, Insightful) 163

If you think little more broadly, you'll soon come to realize there are very few entities in this world that could be counted as "real providers" as you seem to mean it. Almost whatever you (as in person, company or otherwise), you're always depending on someone else to provide you the infrastructure to allow you to do it. Very few "real providers" provide the food for their employees, commuting infrastructure for getting to work, or - if you want something closer to average IT business - electricity.

Practically all of us will always be at mercy of someone offering us the infrastructure to do what we are doing, and western societies (well, most societies) are built on such infrastructure deals. If we can't be reasonably sure we'll be getting the infrastructure service we have paid for and have reason to expect, this society will soon start looking lot different than it does at the moment. This being IT business is no excuse for the expectations suddenly be lot lower.

Comment Re:It's worth noting (Score 3, Informative) 182

As was pointed out above, it's also worth noting that the website was recently acquired by http://www.curse.com/. There is obviously a big difference in privately run fan site and a site owned by for-profit corporation like Curse. Naturally the agreements made with the previous owner do not hold after he sold the site to a corporation trying to make profit with it.

I believe it is possible that they have recently discovered that the site is now ran to make profit. While I certainly don't like corporations suing devoted fans, I can see why they are suing the new owner of that site. It's not owned by a devoted fan anymore, it's a corporate asset. It may still be a bad move PR-wise, but it's lot more understandable than "suing a devoted fan site", which most people here seem to think is the case.

Comment Re:Why not (Score 3, Insightful) 265

You mean other than the fact that they're like 100x more expensive than nuclear?

Building a single windmill prototype like that and sticking it alone in the ocean (with a 10 kilometer power cable) is bound to be lot more expensive per MW than building a whole farm of them. The original article also does not specify how much of that money went into development and how much went to actually building the turbine. The cost should come down quite significantly if that thing actually works as advertized and they start building them by dozens.

Your claim that nuclear is the only option for affordable and ecological power is either pure trolling or rather incredible stupidity and ignorance. I agree that it's propably the best current short term option, but it definitely isn't the only or best one in long term.

Comment Re:Dude, there's an edit button (Score 1) 196

The fact he's suing in the first place shows he simply doesn't understand the principles behind Wikipedia, so it's faily impossible for him to realize that. Of course he could have tried to get some information before making a fool of himself, but then again he's an italian politician. It has to be in the genes.

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