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Submission + - FBI arrests DC official, raids Fed CIO's office. (

Sun.Jedi writes: I heard this story on the Laura Ingraham radio show, and found a news link here.

Before the crack of dawn Thursday morning, more than a half-dozen cars and SUVs full of FBI agents pulled up to the northwest, Washington, DC, home of Yusuf Acar, the head of IT Technology in the Washington DC city government's Office of the Chief Technology Officer. The FBI agents, wearing bullet proof vests, presented a search warrant to Acar, handcuffed him and arrested him.

The story goes on to link Vivek Kundra, the current Obama CIO, and how his office is being raided as part of the Acar arrest.

The straw that broke the camel's back: How many Obama nominees are under investigation, have admitted wrongdoing, or have declined a post in the Administration? I've lost count.


Submission + - Copyright Royalty Board sides with Apple.

Sun.Jedi writes: I ran across this article from CNN. There are some 'interesting' quotes from both Apple and RIAA members with regard to the decision. Notably, even in victory, Apple affirms that it does not want to change the price of songs on iTMS nor pay the difference. Speakers for EMI and the RIAA were able to find solace in a change from a fixed-per-song rate to blanket 8% for digital as well as CD sales. Thats important to note because CD sales are dramatically falling; purchases fell approximately 20% last year alone.

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