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Comment Fake News is Ancient News (Score 2) 180

I've had all the claims of "fake news" that I can handle since President trump started uttering those two word less than one year ago. If that's your only retort without offering any kind of proof, then you are just as ignorant as the POTUS tweeting that same phrase and he seems to have done that every day for the past week. Fucking morons. And yes, there are at least two "fake news" comments in this story alone.

Comment Re:Ways around this (Score 1) 514

I don't think the OP hates U.S. citizens. My guess is it's our policies, invasive TSA behavior and actions plus our emerging xenophobian philosophy is what many, including what appears to be a growing number of U.S. citizens, are saying is a huge concern. Anecdotal evidence tells me travel to the U.S. is being seen more and more as a negative or just a necessary evil. Candidate and now President Trump has given world leaders reason to question if the U.S.commitment to world peace and stability is waning.

Comment Re:Just another mindless attack (Score 1) 507

@realdonaltrump, I'm impressed you're on Slashdot. I'm also glad you cleared up the unsecured android phone controversy but it might be wise if you consult with your own government experts on this issue. Now get out there boy, and knock em dead at your campaign rally today. Make tons of money selling hats and shirt so when your audit is complete you'll have a few dollars to live on. Oh, your backswing? Take it back a little slower and lower to get more distance off the tee box and save some pussy for us regular stars. - Thanks ... your ever loving friend, Billy

Comment Re:An example for rest of the nation. (Score -1, Troll) 158

Donald Trump has the best satellite launcher ever. Just give him a chance and ISRO will be coming to the Liar-in-Chief to not only launch their payloads but to build a wall around India. In exchange, the Pussy-grabber-in-Chief will gain access to well over 600 million new crotches to abuse. Plus, as a bonus, the Inn-Keep-in-Chief will get exclusive rights to the best hotel properties in India with many new golden shower opportunities. #MAGA I'm embarrassed for my country that we have a president that cannot shake hands without creating uncomfortable internationally amusing memes. That type of thing used to be reserved for third-world dictators.

Comment Re: Trump is what he said he was (Score 1) 502

I was told by all the old white men at my "Lions Club" '-) meeting they though with President Trump in office, they would be able to grab all the fine foreign and domestic pussy they wanted. Turns out they were wrong as that foreign pussy may be elusive with the "foreigner" ban in place. The Grand Poobah said he thought the president would eventually come around and let them into the holding pens at the international airports. A raucous cheer then went up and they all cheered "Pussy for all" and laughed and laughed some more.

Comment Re: Do the right thing - stand against Trump's big (Score 1) 952

"Muslims are coming for Jews" as a justification to ban immigrant from predominantly Muslim nations? That seems like an endless loop of craziness. That is until a leader proclaims "America first". Proclaims "I will triple the size of the military." Proclaims "I am the greatest." Proclaims "We are a Christian nation." Well, I never saw any of this coming until trump took office. He never gave us a clue to how he was going to lead this country if elected. At least he thinks his power should be limited if there is a financial conflict of interest. I'm certainly happy there are many women in the U.S. who now have a safe place to be grabbed and smooched on by the stars of the GOP.

Comment Re:God I can't wait for Cali to leave (Score 1) 952

Greatness and dominance in the U.S. circles around to the use of guns and violence to trump and its supporters? Tell me again why trump wants to ban a certain religious group? Yes, the U.S. is a first-world nation but our civility is certainly in question since that small and not very well attended event on Jan. 20, 2017. Guess Obama didn't get all our guns or completely turn us into a Muslim nation. But another week or two and it would have been "mission accomplished?"

Comment Re:Do the right thing - stand against Trump's bigo (Score 3, Interesting) 952

The claim of "clairvoyancy" and being able to determine who will do harm based strictly on the god they worship is the single biggest factor for why people voted for trump, or so it appears. It's also why the "fortune teller" at county fairs is quickly becoming one of the a big draws. And now one of those fortune tellers is POTUS. Yeah for 'merica.'

Comment Re:Do the right thing - stand against Trump's bigo (Score 1) 952

It was about one ago trump and its supporters said we can't help refugees until we help homeless veterans. Well, it appears trump and its supporters haven't helped homeless veterans. Now the trump wants to triple the size of the military to carry out this country's international policy and its own personal monetary wealth building policy. Yeah, there are a lot of things the U.S. should fix but to a majority, trump isn't fixing anything. It appears he is attempting to break things. And no, I will not leave the U.S. just because I don't approve of trump.

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