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Comment Can Them All (Score 1) 50

With 20 million+ WordPress sites out there and some are even useful and successful, the call to get rid of the platform can only be called hyperbololic drama queening. However, someone stole my wallet three days ago and all my money inside it. I also know others this has happened to over the years I have been alive. I stand before you asking for your help in making wallets and money obsolete. It's just too big of a risk for humanity to allow those two items to co-exists. Better to banish both. Stand with me?

Comment Re:What does this mean? (Score 0) 46

You must be a Republican. Making a political issue out of a non-political issue is the trait of a true Republican. While I have no proof of this fact, Facebook is all the evidence I need. An example? Bill posts "The rain has just started at my house and it looks like it's moving east" / Republican Donald posts" Odumbos climate change didn't account for the EPA dictators secret Hillary emails before letting the chemtrails to be delivered FOR FREE to libracon dumbloaders. Trump will make America great again when he writes a new Trumpsitution and gets rid of that past-due Bill of the Rights."

Comment Re:Who are these people they are talking with? (Score 1) 97

In my little redneck part of the woods, the sheriff and his lead deputy talk about how scary the ISIS threat is to the county and I suspect the country too. They talk about it in the open so it's not a secret to the people who elect them. I use to laugh but now the election is forthwith and I have to pick between the bat-shit crazy guy in a white shirt or bat-shit crazy guy in a green shirt. Either way, a bat-shitty sheriff will be elected in Nov 2016. And while they are keeping the eyes pealed for ISIS, a bunch of yahoos with guns and a bat-shit crazy idea will come marching into town and tell us they are looking out for my freedom while taking over a government building. I'm more scared of the sheriff or likely sheriff than I am of ISIS. But my iPhone is encrypted so I'm safe ... I hope. Until then at least I'm cancer free and ISIS free.

Comment Re:Who cares? (Score 1) 141

That drama filled post made me laugh out loud. Either your long term memory is not as good as it should be or you consistently installed Windows on corrupt hard drives. In any case, spending ~ four of eight hours a day not being productive due to a computer makes me think you should stay away from anything more technical than pencil and paper. Please take it back.

Comment Holey Commie Batman (Score 1) 242

The POTUS is trying to make peace and normalize a relationship that has been adversarial for 80 years. I suppose the best business advice I could offer Obama is stop trying to make more customers for US businesses. The more customers our economy has the more taxes will go up and the more the world will hate us and nuclear war is assured. The devil will take over our souls and homosexuals will ruin our lives. Not to mention all the friendly commies will convert our children into the red menace that will result in mass abortions on gun owners. It's so scary about the only person who can stop the chain-reaction of zombie doom is Trump or Cruz or whoever the GOP decides should rule the earth. The return of FUD GOP-style has been magnificent to watch. Comedians will be the only true entertainment when Trump get elected.

Comment Re:I know how to reduce firearm deaths by 99.9% (Score 1) 819

And yet when you compare the figure of 100% of US residents that murder people with guns to the Canadian gun stats, somehow the US stats are much higher. I don't know what it means but some genius should study those figures. We could have a murder-fee society in just a few years. I'm actually going to propose a study that will determine if gun manufacturers are embedding some type of ignorance drug into the metal, wood and plastics that guns are made of recently.

Comment Re:Yeah, um, not so much (Score 1) 819

Thankfully someone says something that make sense. "Crazies are already not allowed access to guns." Now, we the people, understand all those sane people are actually good guys with guns, I feel so much safer. Just knowing that gearing up with a whole bunch of guns, playing army boy in public, is the definition of a sane gun owner. We don't need new gun laws ... we just need to redefine the word sane and crazy. Army boys will be boys.

Comment Reevaluate (Score 1) 86

I suppose I'm the only person in North America, and maybe the northern hemisphere, that uses the cloud to store data I want access to when out of the office and that data, if exposed, wouldn't damage my business or reputation. I must be awesome. Or maybe the cloud, like social media, is also a useful tool when used for business purposes? Guess I'll have reevaluate using the cloud because the entirety of /. has fears someone will find their research paper on subject x. When did everyone become so bitter, angry and negative about everything. I thought that was just a Republican trait in the USA

Comment Re:How much do LED bulbs cost? (Score 1) 169

Never had cashier ever charge me the government subsidy price. Have you?

You've missed the point. The cashier doesn't charge you the price of the subsidy. The tax man does. With milk, a subsidy might make sense since every person pretty much uses the same amount, except for lactose intolerant people, and occasional rich people with milk baths. But of the tax-paying set, the rich have a lot more light bulbs than the middle class per person. This means that the rich get a bigger tax break, funded by the middle class. Some people in the lower class might pay the tax for the subsidy and not even buy any light bulbs if they're sharing living space or their apartment pays for light fixtures.

I didn't miss the point at all. When having a conversation about what I pay for a light bulb or any item I want to make my life better such as milk, subsidies would only enter that equation if I wanted to spam my political ideology. Call me shallow but my life doesn't work that way. I'm happy you consider things like that as it greatly alleviates those types of stressors when I shop. Carry on.

Comment Re:How much do LED bulbs cost? (Score 1) 169

Come to Connecticut. With subsidies, they cost under a dollar.

Subsidies cost all the taxpayers of Connecticut. Government money isn't magic.

I'm glad someone brought up the fact government money isn't magic. But with subsidies, the cost of the bulb is still under a dollar no matter how you try to spin your political ideology. If you want to add in transportation costs to and from the store, tax liability, energy cost versus other bulbs and intrinsic value lost or gained, then your political crap might apply. I buy a gallon of milk for $1.83 and it's quite easy to pull out 2 non-magical $1 bills to pay for it. Never had cashier ever charge me the government subsidy price. Have you?

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