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Comment Re:In other words (Score 1) 27

I also call Twitter, "trump's insider trading broadcast device." The way I heard it ... many people are saying it, trump decides to proclaim a company is failing, fraudulent or he will ruin them but notifies all of his "transition team and chosen administration" one or two days in advance. trump's "transition team and chosen administration" then shorts that company's stock. $Million are made, trump gets a kickback and another favor on the books. All go out and spend $500 on a caviar dinner all the while masturbating and laughing at the foolish pee-on's" that support them.

Comment Expenses expensive (Score 1) 177

Medium is headquartered in SF with offices in NYC and DC? Those three cities are probably all in the "top-15 list of the most expensive office space" cities in the U.S. Is it possible the long list of start-up and "interruption" companies aren't really good stewards of their investor's money? Why not buy/lease office space in places like downtown Gary, Indiana or Glasgow, Montana? The overhead would certainly be a lot cheaper and once they figure out their real business model and start making real money, they can move to the glitz and glamour cities.

Comment Re:And leftist heads explode! (Score 1) 186

I have to admit, my head didn't explode because I now understand Republicans will buy anything ... even an Donald Trump iphone cover for $151,000. I have admit also, I am jealous of your tribe. A tribe who embraces their extremism and will publicly display their stupidity for everyone to admire.

Comment It's a magnet (Score 1) 186

It's a "pussy magnet." All the women will see my yugely best iphone, know I'm a star and let me grab em by the pussy. If not, I'll just go after them like a bitch and, lose all control, pop a few "blue tic-tacs", and start kissin on em. As a Republican in the U.S. I obviously I would buy my gold iphone in a Muslim country because I love them?

Comment Re:Outsource jobs, blame AI, bring 3rd world (Score 1) 635

... "You are literally blaming the guy, who has NEVER been in charge, and ran on STOPPING this issue from being an issue. I'm not sure there is a single American that is more against it than Trump and you still blamed him for it." Just yesterday a Trump surrogate (whatever that is) or talking-head said "Take Donald Trump seriously but not literally -- or better yet, take him symbolically." As a citizen of the U.S. if I'm allowed to assign Trump a symbol it would be the symbol of a "Liar." Come Jan. 20, 2017, our freedoms under the new "Trumpstitution" could be limited.

Comment Re: message from other hackers (Score 1) 531

Keep licking those wounds because your side lost.

The losing side? Oh, you mean most of the citizens of the U.S.? Yep, but we're not licking Trump's Twitter-whining behind. We're trying to make sense of a president-elect who based his entire campaign on lies. I know, it's confusing for the uneducated but keep on reading the back of your cereal box each morning. Trump will eventually write a secret message to you. Till then, you can donate all your money to that multi-millionaire (not even close to a $billionaire) so he can buy his narcissistic partners in crime a fancy "gold-foil hats" for XMAS.

Comment End of the world (Score 1) 158

I had a few "free" lifetime apps and services that reverted to a paywall or charge for the pleasure now. Google features like Maps and Picasa? They change or get deprecated and within a few years links and embedded features disappear. My MS OneDrive "forever free ~25gig cloud storage" has been cut in half. I've learned not to trust any second or third party online channels for anything other than temporary stuff. Hopefully the new "lifetime" in today's world hasn't been modified to actually mean five years. "The end of the world as we know it ..." could be only four years away or Jan. 20, 2017.

Comment How much will those jobs cost? (Score 1) 244

IBM says they will spend $1 billion on training. They also want the U.S. to ramp up vocational education benefits and obviously if Trump is involved, he'll throw tax incentives at IBM. Who will benefit? IBM stock will rise. Trump will raise his little hands in triumph. "Capitalism Wins" or that's how the story will be told. And this whole time I thought corporations did it all on their own.

Comment Re:Earth has always had climate anomalies (Score 2) 588

Where do you get your weather from if not from the unscientific Weather Channel? I'm sure you download the NAM and do your own forecasting like any true scientific icon would do. Or maybe you are studly enough to forgo any model data and just use the raw observations? Skew-Ts are quite useful if you're a weather stud.

Comment Can Them All (Score 1) 50

With 20 million+ WordPress sites out there and some are even useful and successful, the call to get rid of the platform can only be called hyperbololic drama queening. However, someone stole my wallet three days ago and all my money inside it. I also know others this has happened to over the years I have been alive. I stand before you asking for your help in making wallets and money obsolete. It's just too big of a risk for humanity to allow those two items to co-exists. Better to banish both. Stand with me?

Comment Re:What does this mean? (Score 0) 46

You must be a Republican. Making a political issue out of a non-political issue is the trait of a true Republican. While I have no proof of this fact, Facebook is all the evidence I need. An example? Bill posts "The rain has just started at my house and it looks like it's moving east" / Republican Donald posts" Odumbos climate change didn't account for the EPA dictators secret Hillary emails before letting the chemtrails to be delivered FOR FREE to libracon dumbloaders. Trump will make America great again when he writes a new Trumpsitution and gets rid of that past-due Bill of the Rights."

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