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Comment Just.. (Score 1) 585

..check the best before date. It is usually located on the bottom of the universe. (Unless it is a defective product. In that case God returns in all his splendour, and says, "Sorry, it's all been a total cock-up!")

Comment Understandable (Score 1) 183

It's true that RapidShare is used for piracy but the same applies to other similar sites too. They could start combing and limiting their uploaded content but taking in account their huge amount of uploads that wouldn't be an easy process. Also, the contents of the uploads can't be figured out just by reading the names. Trying to control the content uploaded would only cause people to switch to another similar services.

Submission + - NASA specs a heavy-lift shuttle replacement

fotoguzzi writes: Last October President Obama signed the NASA Authorization Act of 2010 which had a requirement to study heavy-lift alternatives to the space shuttle that can be launched sooner and more cheaply than the Ares I / Ares V combination of the George W. Bush era. The NASAspaceflight.com website gives word that a preliminary report released yesterday recommends a shuttle-derived option but warns that no option meets the ambitious timetable at the specified budget.

Booster-heads will be interested to learn the three heavy-lift approaches under study: 1) Shuttle-derived, 2) a Saturn V-inspired kerosene / liquid Hydrogen throwback or Falcon XX muscle missile, and 3) a scaled-up EELV.

Comment Out of Beta (Score 4, Interesting) 326

Like others have already said, this is most likely a marketing stunt for getting out of beta. Yes, they have been in beta for the last 2 years and like the message in the site says, "we've decided that GOG.com simply cannot remain in its current form". At no point do they really say that GoG is gone. They mention change and that you will be able to re-download the games you have bought. They also had a promo running and this "announcement" happened on Sunday, which would be highly unlikely if this was a real site closing situation. A real closing announcement wouldn't come suddenly out of the blue without any previous indications of internal or external problems that caused it, nor would they do it on Sunday when most of the workers (and boss staff) are not working.

Wikimedia Confusion Swirls In Wake of Porn Charges 267

Contridictory stories are circulating after Fox News's pursuing of Wikimedia Foundation for hosting pornography reportedly resulted in Jimmy Wales personally removing some pornographic material from its servers, then giving up his special editing privileges under pressure. Fox News reported that Wikimedia is "in chaos"; this report was picked up by VentureBeat and others. Wales denies that there is any chaos (any more than usual, that is) at Wikimedia. The Fox News report apparently relied on a single unnamed source, and Wales said, "They don't even bother to contact me before publishing nonsense." The background: on April 27 Fox News published an exclusive report about porn on Wikimedia servers, then followed up by contacting organizations that had donated to Wikimedia to ask them what they thought about it. In the aftermath, Wales took a position in support of purging porn from Wikimedia Commons. This all started when estranged Wikipedia co-founder Larry Sanger contacted the FBI with an allegation of child porn on Wikipedia.

Comment Re:The article (Score 1) 261

In what appears to be a setback for Hollywood and the recording industry, the government said that it sees problems with the methodology used in studies those sectors have long relied on to support claims that piracy was destructive to their businesses. The accountability office even noted the existence of data that shows piracy may benefit consumers in some cases.

Yes, it seems that it does indeed mention media industry for more than a name in the graphs in the full report. That and bootleg footwear. Glad to see that they questioned the studies about the damage to economy caused by piracy at least considered the potential beneficial effects of piracy and.

Comment The article (Score 2, Insightful) 261

Correct if I'm wrong, but doesn't the report mostly concern forged counterweight products and forged products that are sold as genuine? Sure, this also includes the good old pirate dvds that are sold, but it doesn't seem to give much attention to p2p pirating and such. It's mostly about pharmaceutical products.

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