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Comment Re:Demon's Souls (Score 1) 854

I concur! The hardest and best game out there at the moment. Atmostpheric, unbelievable replay value, requires tactics and planning and has an awesome online component. Some of the coolest bosses ever encountered in any video game. If you're bored with the current generation, get this game! I've clocked at least 100 hours and am still finding new ways of playing it.
Don't forget though;this is not an easy or forgiving game. One mistake and you're dead*. It only adds to the fun that dying makes your enemies stronger. Demon's souls fucking hates you.

Also, a sequel is already in the works, codename Project Dark.

* Especially when facing Flamelurker, The False King, Maneater, the group of crossbowmen and blue eyed knights at the end of 1-2 or, of course, the giant Depraved Ones. Or, for that matter, Penetrator, dual katana black skeletons, invading black phantoms, the reapers and BP Satsuki.

Comment Re:Michael Behe is at the root of their advantage. (Score 1) 989

"Irreducible complexity" is a demonstrably false hypothesis

One problem with that: irreducible complexity is a negative. It's basically the statement that something, however small, can't be explained. And, as we all know, you can't prove a negative , so they'll always have somewhere to flee to. "O, no, that eye was explainable, but what about the flagellum. Oops, that's been done too. And, what about blood coagulation... O, wait..." Repeat ad infinitum. It would be harmless if they weren't pushing this stuff to someone else's children.

Comment Re:It could be legitimate (Score 1) 365

True, but the person not providing the right tools is at fault.

Now, given that most of your fraud detection code is stuck in a jumble of visual basic macro code, try explaing to mr. Judge why you picked up ms. Fraudy-McWealthy as a potential tax dodger (to the tune of, say, $50e6). 'The macro did it' is, unfortunately, not an acceptable explanation.

Comment Re:It could be legitimate (Score 5, Insightful) 365

If you're brain dead, you can't use the advanced stuff in excel. If you're using excel for the advanced stuff in a critical application, you must be brain dead. Why, for the love of god, is the advanced stuff in excel ever used? I still don't get it.

Honestly, the amount of business critical applications buried in excel macro's is shocking. And, as we all know, the person who wrote the macro never leaves his/her job. This is especially dangerous for government who, for particular branches, have to be able to transparently show how they came to certain decisions. Any responsible official will stay away from excel for all but the most menial of tasks.

Comment most damaging image in the history of evolution (Score 1) 838

You know which one it is, you've seen it in libraries, books, this thing called the internet, etc. It's even the first hit on GIS if you look for evolution. Why is it so bad? It suggests a linear, goal oriented version of evolution, where newer species replace older species. In it's worst case, this becomes "If folks came from monkeys, why are there still monkeys around?".

The modern view of evolution should be an image more like a tree, with many branches starting at the root. Most species will be extinct by now, but a few them will still be around.

In addition, the only thing random about evolution is mutation, which creates variation within a population.

Finally, as someone else said as well, origin of life != evolution. Nice going for that article.

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