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Comment What they're not saying (Score 1) 104

What they're not saying is how increasingly connecting people who shares identical interests is actually hurting communication across groups of very different views, leading to increasing groupthink and extremism... (a general downside of the social media upside)

Comment This is all fucked up (Score 1) 176

What's really fucked up is that many/most large GPL projects include code from public-domain or non-GPL, but the derived work is now under the GPL license, so everyone using the original work (including the original author(s)) now have the burden to prove that they're innocent. GPL became lawful evil - only lawyers benefit from this scam.

Comment The decade of AI (Score 1) 1144

The combination of *good* AI + Social Media could perhaps help prevent bad behavior in general, by showing users what they need to see in order to cure their "evil" tendencies. The one thing all people have in common is the "good". The differences are what makes people do evil. Obviously, one can easily imagine the horrible consequences if the above is taken too far or if "bad" AI is involved. Be the change you want to see in the world, and don't be evil.

Comment Re:One time pad (Score 1) 128

Why not just increase the entropy by just using a compressed version of the text, eg: instead of using the text of the first article, zip it, and use that as the pad (removing headers etc). Or use some compressed H.264 youtube videos as the pad (arithmetic coding pretty much guarantees a relatively high entropy).

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