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Comment Re:Thanks a whole fucking bunch (Score 1) 321

I understand your point - but it is extremely hard to see how this game could have been a serious depiction of war. Would it include horrible brutality by some of the soliders on your own side? Would it throw up the extreme moral quandraries surrounding civilian casualties and the invasion of Iraq itself? Would it even include civilians? Animals? Disease?

Who knows? This is the problem with this medium. As long as people demand "fun" in the trivial sense, we'll always be stuck with the same immature games we've always had. Now maybe this game wouldn't have been a masterpiece, but someone needs to step up and take this medium seriously--and maybe they would have. You seem to think that, perhaps, the game would never have been able to deal with difficulties of the subject matter. But I'd rather see the game attempt it, letting others learn from their mistakes, then to simply censor any attempt at a potentially mature, challenging portrayal of war--as Konami has done.

Comment Re:Variable Pricing Not the Feature to Have Eviden (Score 1) 429

Guitar Hero drives much more sales than your ad agencies and your lawsuits, assholes. The funny thing is that the recording industry are beginning to attack their own kin, MTV Games!

So right! The only question is if people will realize that they can voice their opinion on this matter, and not buy stuff from these jerks. They hurt the consumers and the why are we paying their salaries?

Comment Re:whatWHAT? (Score 1) 121

Normally I'd agree, and really I'm still not trusting them... But I gotta agree with this.

"To ensure that the work on such a project is open, transparent and complete, we feel strongly that any "manifesto" should be created, from its inception, through an open mechanism like a Wiki, for public debate and comment, all available through a Creative Commons license."

As long as no one party has more power over the process, this would be preferrable to any "organic" choice or this manifesto, as far as I see.

Comment Re:Only the paranoid survive (not) (Score 1) 508

I used to think like you. Very paranoid about whatever I thought were great ideas. Don't tell anyone. Ask for a non-disclosure (NDA). I was so convinced that if I even hinted at some of my ideas, everyone would try to steal them from me.

All of that paranoia sounds exhausting...

...why not just license everything you create under the GPL!

Everyone knows the GPL is the solution to at least 7/16th of the world's problems.

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