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Comment Re:GIGO (Score 1) 881

Well, the voter models were correct and Obama squeezed out a 1% victory. Pass the huitlacoche. Begin by plucking well, stuff with unemployment, then baste in QE sauce until inflation reaches the desired peak (From "To Serve USA"). Today I spoke with 2 small business owners who are friends. One will have to lay off staff because of increases in health insurance costs under the Affordable (cough..cough) Healthcare Act. Another is meeting with an accountant later this week to determine what the increased tax rates will mean, but he says he will also lay off an employee (out of 6) in 2013. This story will be repeated many times (and hidden from the news almost as often), but take comfort. It is all Bush's fault. That thing that will happen next year to dividend paying stocks (so beloved of pension plans), that's all Bush's fault too. Oh, and that nasty deficit? Nothing to see there, move along. For my part, I am fairly insulated from what will hit...though not completely. But I will fare far better than most. Hope you are in the same boat. Or actually, in one nearby as I prefer not to be in the same vehicle with those who think that running into the rocks is a good idea. In fact the SS California has just picked up ramming speed!

Comment GIGO (Score 1) 881

What if the voter models the polls are using is wrong? (Asking this question I assume that the reader knows how polls are constructed.) I took a look under the hood at the Pew Poll. They use D+4, while 2008 was D+6 - a banner year with lots of Demthusiasm for Obama. No way is the enthusiasm for Obama now the same as it was in 2008. And GOP voters will turn out in droves. So the voter models are wrong. Change the model, use the same data they have from polling, and lo and behold, all these Obama leads evaporate. Change the poll numbers and the Illinois Is there hard evidence for this? Yes. The early vote numbers in Ohio. Obama is running 250,000 votes short compared to 2008...and that was his margin over McCain. Methinks there is a good chance google will notice a large spike in searches for "recipe crow" on Wednesday.

Comment Re:What nonsense units. (Score 1) 568

Rate of delivery is energy per unit time - power. That is why generation capacity is measured in watts. The rate that the power changes is a meaningless quantity, which is why there is no standard unit for it. The person who wrote the article just has a poor grasp of this and wrote GW/hr in error. Obviously not a student who passed my intro physics class.

Comment Re:What nonsense units. (Score 3) 568

Sorry, but you are wrong. Energy (in MKS units) is measured in joules, where 1 joule = 1 kgm^2/s^2. A watt is a unit of power (P=dE/dt) so 1 watt = 1 joule/s. A kilowatt hour is = (1000 j/s)(3600 s) = 3,600,000 joules. A kWhr (or a GWhr) is a unit of energy. A GW/hr is the unit that would be associated with the time rate of change of power, which is not a physical quantity of any interest here. So, yes, nonsense units.

Comment Re:Domestic vs. Foreign (Score 1) 776

Treason is a crime. Crimes are dealt with by arrest, trial, conviction and sentencing.

Responding to purported treason by assassination is a cowardly, banana republic approach.

All those poor Confederate soldiers in Picket's Charge. They should have been arrested, not assassinated by Federal marksmen with unfairly-accurate rifles.

It is a statistical certainty (p 10e-1111111) that anti-Nazi German soldiers and civilians were killed by US forces during WW2.

Comment Re:Domestic vs. Foreign (Score 1) 776

I don't like the government having too much power, but I'm not sure I understand why the ACLU is getting involved in this if it is not being done domestically against American citizens. What's done in war time on foreign soil against non-American citizens doesn't seem to fall within the domain of the American Civil Liberties Union.

It is easy to understand, once you realize that they are on the other side.


Submission + - Sarkozy proposes ad tax on Google (

SubstormGuy writes: The French government is considering levying a tax on the advertising revenues of Google and other internet portals, in the latest sign of a European backlash against the activities of the US internet search group.

President Nicolas Sarkozy instructed his finance ministry to examine the merits of a tax in response to complaints from the French media that Google and other sites are generating advertising income using their news and other content. He also called for an inquiry by French competition authorities into a possible “abuse of dominant position” in the advertising business of big internet sites.


Submission + - A scam for the Holidays (

SubstormGuy writes: This is kind of an old story, but one worth repeating during the holidays when so many online-purchases are made. The link above is just one of many that talk about a very common scam. Many companies, such as Pizza Hut and, sell credit card info to, which then places a $12/month bill on your credit card forever! I discovered it recently as a result of a Pizza Hut purchase and I'll never buy from them again. Charges appear on your card with the number 1-800-826-1885. What I don't understand is why is not shut down and why those corporations who sell credit card info to are not sanctioned. Just google "complete savings scam" or "1-800-826-1885" and you will see how widespread the problem really is.

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