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Comment Long lived asset impairment charges (Score 3, Interesting) 78

It's worth mentioning that most of their loss came from a long lived asset impairment charge of 500 million, not inventory write down. Most articles are insinuating that handsets are the cause of their losses by lumping it in the same headline which is inaccurate. They did only sell around 500k devices this quarter which is low for any smartphone company. However, the CEO has gotten the cost of the handset business to be break even at 3 million phones. If you contrast that with the billions Blackberry was writing down on handsets alone a few years ago, you can see why it's not a horrible decision. Besides, it sounds like they want to start licensing out their software like the HUB and BBM to other manufacturers, and I don't know who would take them up on that unless they could prove their own users are installing/using it.

Comment Re: Even Humans Cannot Hitchhike Safely. (Score 1) 224

Cesspool? Where do you live? Philly is frequently rated as one of the best places to visit in the U.S, has some of the best restaurants/chefs in the world, and has a thriving tech scene. If you can't understand the probability of having someone vandalize something in a big city on the side of the road for the lulz then you are clueless.

Comment Re: Not a good sign (Score 1) 255

I don't believe that for a moment. It's foolish to think an opportunity to grow in a different area is a sign of warning. They have tons of cash and are preemptively trying to find new markets before the stockholders bleed the company's profits dry because they aren't consistently beating estimates by huge factors anymore. Apple has almost 50% of their revenue coming from iPhone, that is a huge amount of risk for a company to have in an ever increasing market. It was only a matter of time.

A great example is google. Google is in tons of different industries and started in 1 major one. Do they look like they're failing anytime soon?

I think at this point you might argue that all of their products and services are similar or at least align with one goal. To which id say, cars are the next thing to be bombarded with tech that's now affordable for even the cheapest models. Gone to a car show lately? Every damn car has a damn back up cam and some form of a HUD. I think it only makes sense that they buy a successful company who already put up most the risk by starting a new company in a market place dominated by old hats. Tesla is now reasonably successful. Why not buy a car company and spread the brand to the auto industry, god knows apple would rather have huge margins and an extended brand rather than selling their software to gm for pennies on the dollar.

Comment Reverse discrimination (Score 1) 353

It's also important to note that reverse discrimination can occur in the corporate world for 'techie' people who look the part. Being too technical can be a great reason for a unsupportive manager to prevent one from getting higher leadership roles :(

Comment Oh yes (Score 1) 139

I expected these comments to be littered with panacea and hyperbole... I was right

It's interesting that you all share the same mentality as the market, or so you say. Was it not long ago that Apple was being traded for whatever the amount of current assets they had at that given time?

Surely everyone will reply, well blackberry is no apple. I see no visionaries or wow-inspiring products. They are indubitably a sinking ship.

And so the short sellers went on their avaricious steeds to the slaughter and did what they could to behead the revenue. It lasted a while but then Blackberry, the knight that didn't play dead nicely, went to his dagger and took his life into his own hands, away from the sword that almost meant certain death.

The timid ran and caused a stir in the cynics,
philosophers went to their chairs and gossiped,
wealthy men sat on their credited thrones,
the general public scratched their heads.

They're all watching now,
waiting for death or a miracle to happen.

Yet the men who rode in strongly with such great vigor,
must now fight on the ground,
watch out for someone who really believes in Sir Berry,

For if someone swoops in to surprise us all,
to guide the wounded home,
the pride in him will be restored again,
sending away the evil men.

The stock might fall or grow again,
most of them do in the end.
Expect bad news and good articles too.

Sir Berry is tired of having his will questioned,
his armor tattered from the storm of abuse,
now he stands on the battlefield,
meticulously judging his value.

Oh all he needs is a savior,
but I only care about me.

The question is -
how long will I still have faith?

For I've already got his horse and mate.

Comment Re:Windows is cheaper than Linux (Score 1) 283

Schools often do get grants for whatever computers they want. My public school in the US had a good portion of mac desktops and a whole lot of apple laptops. The only problem is that a lot of software (10 years ago, can't speak to it now because I would imagine things are more web-app based) only ran on windows and therefore became a crux for adopting both PC and Mac, especially when PCs are great when it comes to bulk pricing. The mixture of OSs also led to a problem because apparently Macs and PCs do not play well together on the same network which would require an even bigger investment considering the IT team was maybe 3 people max. (This is anecdotal evidence of course. It's hard to find a source online for anything other than getting grants for technology. Apparently Ipads are being donated to schools though in place of textbooks which I think is a grand idea...and you know how well Apple products play with other Apple products so I wouldn't be surprised if they are attacking via this route instead.

Comment Whatever (Score 1) 371

They have a good system set up. They release new products every year. It would be more expensive, I'm assuming, to sell newly designed laptops or accept recalls and pay for the labor.

People will still buy it anyway. ... But will people keep buying the iPhone, apples biggest moneymaker? The answer to that question could significantly drop apple's value.

Comment Re:money is your god (Score 1) 910

Money has replaced God, even in churches where the preacher stands in a 1000 dollar suit asking for cash

Money aint a score in some kind of game, you have a whole society who thinks "get rich or try dying" was a prophecy not a ignorant statement from an ex-drug dealer
you have entire TV culture based on how much you can earn (auctions/antiques/cars/houses/music), shows that glorify money, hell even some people here dont primarily choose their careers on what they will be doing, but how much its worth in cash and then openly mock Arts students and the like for their "worthless" choices while the best minds on the globe are figuring out how to get more people clicking on adverts for shitty companies with shit ideas.

may you get whats coming

"get rich or try dying" is actually "get rich or die trying"

Avarice has pervaded pretty much every country that has money so I'm not sure I'd agree with your sensationalism regarding "may you get whats coming".

I'm American, I live in Philadelphia. My girlfriend is an Arts student whose career I cherish very highly. I think the government is flawed but I also think people like you and me are to blame. I hate to be cynical but governments are the way they are because of what people have done. Saying it was the government is an amorphous scape-goat.

Not everyone gets to pick their dream job, come back to reality please. Even if you do find something you love doing, chances are you're going to have to sell it at one point or another so it kind of takes away from the innate pleasure of the job. People value cash because cash gives them power. Maybe you should look at America objectively by comparing it to every other contemporary culture. I'm presuming you don't know them that well though because it seems like your education has come primarily from the tv and the news (oh, the irony).

By the way, stop being so rude. It's one thing to buy into these crappy statistics, but it's a whole other thing if you forget what those so called 'worthless' companies do indirectly. On the contrary, I think your opinion is worthless.

expect nothing

Comment BTGUARD (Score 1) 193

I use BTGuard; I might be a noob because I haven't done much research on the company but I always get about 1MB ps dl from their netherland's server (i live in PA, USA).. .they also have servers in the US, France, and Germany I think??

it's 9.95 a month, and it does allow you to just pay once if you'd like so you don't get stuck with bothering about ending the subscription come end of the month.

Comment Re:and how meany people are better off voc / tech (Score 5, Interesting) 101

I can't speak for all US universities but it would seem Information Systems and Technology degrees are suited toward practical programming jobs.. I don't really see IS*T majors doing research for comp sci specific fields but that's not to say they don't exist. In my program, I learned databases, java, c#,, and the agile development process which will basically get you a job in the US as a front-end or mid-tier developer.

The problem is most people want to come to IST because they don't want to program but find out that they should have just majored in business or MIS. This is only for certain schools however.. I have met some programmers who were better at coding than comp sci people because they have a better sense of scope...

Which brings me back to your point... Comp Sci from my experience gears you toward PHD or masters programs where you will be doing a lot of theoretical work. They don't teach them mandatory database classes or networking which is very important in today's coding world... they also don't teach you anything about how coding fits into the business world. That's not to say you couldn't get any programming job you want.. But honestly, if you live in the US, it doesn't really matter for most companies if you got a comp sci or IST degree so long as you can prove that you know what you are doing in the domain of what they need you for. It's basically just a formality now, they check you off whether or not you got a degree... I think they frown on Votech schools over conventional bachelor's programs, but if you can prove you're proficient, they will give you the chance regardless.

Comment Re:Youtube (Score 1) 185

I know this is a little off-topic but doesn't anyone feel the same way as I do when I proclaim that one of the biggest pushers for youtube's adoption was its uncanny amount of pirated movies / songs? I know, I know, the interface and streaming quality also made it a big selling point but I think the only reason I went to youtube around 2006 was for streaming, pirated material.

This might be a business model for a lot of companies out there, start illegal, make enough money, higher competent lawyers and pay some people off.

Sounds good to me.

omg, *hire*.

My apologies, I'm going to go sit in a corner and cry over that typo.

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