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Submission + - iPad 2 and iPhone 4S Jailbreak released (

SubTexel writes: After a long wait iPad 2 and iPhone 4S users can not unlock their devices thanks to the dream team of jailbreakers (pod2g, p0sixninja, etc...) joined together to release the Absinthe untethered jailbreak.

Grab it now before Apple releases the inevitable update to lock the devices back away. See how here:

Comment DOA? (Score 0) 521

Hrmmm, so the new Apple killer that everyone has been claiming it would be lacks cameras, GPS and storage. It's not even an Android tablet competitor (vs. the likes of the Xoom, Iconia, etc....). And to top it of it's a "transitional" tablet, with the "real" one coming out sometime in 2012. Gah. I was actually excited until I read the specs. If it had at least copied the basic hardware the HP Touchpad came out with it'd have been an iPad killer especially with Amazon's backing and a 199 price, but as it sits it's just a color nook with Angry birds.

Submission + - Google Earth Spills Secret Chinese Submarine Beans

techavenger writes: A new Chinese nuclear ballistic missile submarine is evident in Google Earth imagery. The submarine appears to be about 35 feet longer than the unsuccessful Xia-class sub because of an extended midsection that houses the missile launch tubes and part of the reactor compartment, said Hans Kristensen, director of the Nuclear Information Project for the Federation of American Scientists.

Submission + - Bloggers who risked all to reveal Junta in Burma 2

An anonymous reader writes: Internet geeks share a common style, and Ko Latt and his four friends would not be out of place in cyber cafés across the world. They have the skinny arms and the long hair, the dark T-shirts and the jokey nicknames. But few such figures have ever taken the risks that they have in the past few weeks, or achieved so much in a noble and dangerous cause. Since last month Ko Latt, 28, his friends Arca, Eye, Sun and Superman, and scores of others like them have been the third pillar of Burma's Saffron Revolution.

Comment Re:Service? (Score 1) 925

I agree. And like I said, he could be in the same boat as your friend but the media chooses just to rely on the fact he was a sex offender and happened to be using an OPEN AP (they said it was for customers, can they prove he never bought anything in those 3 months?) And can you just buy one thing and use it as much as you want, or must you buy something each time to use it, etc...? Any decent lawyer will be able to get him off the hook and probably even get him some money from this whole thing.

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