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Submission + - Understand your Domain Name System (

BlueVoodoo writes: "The Domain Name System (DNS) is the service that converts hostnames and domain details into the IP addresses required for application to communicate. This article looks at the basics of DNS setup, how servers and requests are distributed, and exchanged and how to set up and keep a DNS environment running smoothly."

Comment Re:Compatability still a big problem? (Score 1) 137

I'm not sure if this is an IE-specific, but it does limit who can use their page.
OK full details:
1. Mom finds sight that sells stuff to only retailers (not a problem as she runs a store and this would be good for the store).
2. Fills out stuff, gets a username and password.
3. Go to sign in, prices don't work. She complains and they ask what version of IE she is running? (She's running Firebird 0.7 aka Firefox 0.7 IIRC)(It's a Win95 machine that my parents don't feel like moving off of quite yet. It is hidden behind a firewall)
4. I look at it. Sign in page is located like "/sys/login/" or something.
5. When You login the cookie sent back from their server has "path=", So no path. (Yes, it has "path=;" in it) Spec I can find (and Firefox and Opera seem to follow) is that if no path is specified, then you use the path of the page. IE does something else.
6. Attempt to view page with prices located at like "/catalog/". IE shows prices because it is sending the cookie. Firefox and Opera don't send the cookie because the path is different.
7. We email back to them what I found, haven't heard anything back yet.

At least, this is my best guess as to why the prices show up in IE (tested with 5.5 and 6, don't have access to 7), and not Firefox or Opera.

An IE requiring site because of the way the path in the cookies is set.

Comment Asked the Wrong Question (Score 1) 631

"If they can get to to ask the wrong questions they don't have to worry about the answers." Why should a person be paid every time a created work is used? Shouldn't I be able to buy a right-to-use once and then re-use it forever without having to continue to pay the owner? But to do this would beggar lawyers and executors and other who live off the creations of others.

Submission + - Top 5 Wii Downfalls

Deathspawner writes: "Since the Wii has been released there has been mostly great things said about it. Techgage has found more wrong than right with the console however, and lays out five prime reasons where the Wii fails and should be improved. Some of the features picked on include the subpar online Virtual Console selection, clunky setup and even the reason the Wii is popular to begin with."
Hardware Hacking

Submission + - U3 hacked on a Memorex 32M Drive from Target

Anonymous Coward writes: "the hak5 forums have a little tid bit up about a U3 Drive being made from a Cheap Target 4.99 Memorex UFD drive 32 Megs isnt much but its a POC has a video and little section on how it was done but it seems that all you need is a single program that is available on the hak5 wiki and the drive from target from target

Hak.5 Forum
Video of the Hack on Putfile as a flash file and the YouTube Video you cant read but the flash is crystal clear
Download to see the fullscreen version in flash"
User Journal

Journal Journal: Middle of Finals Week

2 More finals left to go, the Math 273 (Calculus 3) and CE 211 (Statics). Forgot a calculator for my assembly language programming class so lost some easy points because of a clock frequency, this many clock cycles, how long will it take? question.
Lets see what else has happened since last journal? I got promoted to mac tech where I work, so that means I am responible for about a dozen macs as both a tech and as software developer (at least I think the developer is part of my jobs for t

User Journal

Journal Journal: I guess another update

Well, I guess this is another update.

The 2 HP PA-Risc machines we got at the last auction have been consilidated into one, so now it is dual processor w/ 320MB of ram, but still a single 4 GB drive. Not bad considering each machine cost $5 and came with keyboard, mouse, and monitor.

User Journal

Journal Journal: I should be sleeping 1

Well, it's about 2:15AM local time. Decided I should put down some update things...
I got a NEC MultiSync 4PG monitor @ the surplus sale last Tburs. They still have many of these hanging in classrooms on campus(they all seem to be smaller classes, with the larger ones getting projectors). It is 27", has S-Video, and Composite in(utilizing an BNC connector) as well as RGB(via HD15 and BNC plugs). Supports NTSC, NTSC-4.43(instead of 3.58Mhz for color, it is at

User Journal

Journal Journal: Anonyance

Well putting this up is probably a dumb idea, because the troll posting this will have their day made but

Ok some post (example here, with some of the centricies pulled out, *replaced words* or *comment*):

User Journal

Journal Journal: Well, I'm back

Well, I'm back in the dorms, waiting for school to start up next week. Got a BBQ @ a friends' apartment (yes, there is more than 1 friend at that apartment), so maybe I'll add more later.

User Journal

Journal Journal: Done with Frosh Year

Well I'm done. I'm going home tomorrow/later today (depends on your time zone). Got a bunch of my stuff packed up, but still have somethings to pack.
Only things I can say about finals is, linear algebra/math 220 was ok, GenEd 111 was easy, Phys 201 sucked. Phys is curved though so hopefully it sucked for everyone.
Biggests things I will miss being home at summer: General chaos of bugging friends, not having parents around, and the high speed internet, big screen TV, dining center foo

User Journal

Journal Journal: Less than 1 month left

Got less than a month left of school this year. Can't say too much. At the surplus auction a few weeks ago bought an SGI Crimson with the Reality Engine and a AlphaServer 2100 (sans I/O board, CPU, and memory) and a Sun SparcStation IPC for $10. Ended up spending $35 to make a cable to plug the SGI in the laundry room because it has a 20 amp outlet. No monitor so we have done everything via the serial console so far. From what it looks like it was used for VR in the Mechanical Engineering

User Journal

Journal Journal: Update again?

Well can't say a whole heck of a lot. We got the one 4-player arcade working with the board I killed (cap that blew was a common one to blow when 12v on the 5v line) after we did some rewiring. I was the lucky person to play with the convergence/purity stuff on the back of the tube so that a white line was white vs. yellow and blue lines in addition to the white line. When we checked the coin counter in it we found that about $38000 in quarters had run into that machine in the 12 years or

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