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Comment Re: Wow, Slackware is that much behind? (Score 2) 179

One of the reasons I stick with Slack is that unlike Debian I don't have to use ancient software versions with back ported patches. Who are these people you speak of? Do they have Internet or reading disabilities? distrowatch.com/dwres.php?firstlist=slackware&secondlist=ubuntu&firstversions=1&resource=compare-packages&secondversions=1

Submission + - Slackware 14.2 released! (slackware.com)

Strykar writes: Yes, it is that time again (finally)! Following a long period of
planning, development, and testing, the Slackware Linux Project is proud
to announce the latest stable release of the longest running distribution
of the Linux operating system, Slackware version 14.2!

Historically, the RELEASE_NOTES had been mostly technical
information, but once again Robby Workman has covered the important
technical details in CHANGES_AND_HINTS.TXT. Thanks!

Comment Apparently IPv6 is hard for me (Score 1) 229

The idiocy around IPv6 is astounding.

IPv6's reputation? Really? Just because you think you understand IPv4 does not qualify you to judge what is relevant in v6 even if 128 bit addresses are hard for you. The issues surrounding IPv6 deployment have nothing to do with "Oh Joe won't understand these long IPs in his home device assignment plan" but most ISP's delaying rollouts.

NAT provides security? Get over it, the CPU overhead alone isn't worth it, something even the likes of you will fathom when you start to hit 100 Mbit or faster connections on ye old home router. Stop using IPv4 hacks. Lookup IPv6 privacy extensions, something Windows enables by default.

The "P" in VPN stands for Private, implying encryption. While it's possible to setup a VPN to use null encryption, it's not the standard case. A tunnel, 6in4 or other, is not a VPN or a proxy while it might seem like that to what appears to be the average Slashdot user today.

Downgrade Netflix to IPv4 in your firewall as suggested by others to work around this, if you're v6 only, yell at Netflix.
An even worse hack is to prefer IPv4 over v6, this is so bad that even MS recommends against disabling IPv6 or changing preferred order.
Linux - /etc/gai.conf
Windows - https://support.microsoft.com/...

Submission + - SixXS stops accepting signups, nor tunnel or subnet requests to current users.

Strykar writes: We are doing this action to ensure that instead of going the easy way of using our service for IPv6 connectivity, you instead Call your ISP.

20 years ago RFC1883, the RFC that formally defined IPv6, was published by the IETF. From 1996 till 2006 the 6bone existed and functioned as a testing ground for IPv6. Per 2006, which is now a decade ago, IPv6 has been available worldwide in production from a large variety of ISPs.

During the last decade, IPv4 address space has also run out at most of the RIRs and most of the large Internet properties have enabled IPv6 on their services.

We still see a large number of daily account signups, tunnel requests and subnet requests here at SixXS, which demonstrates that there are a number of ISPs who have not taken the time or effort to deploy any kind of IPv6 for their customers.
SixXS has been in existence since 2001-ish. And over the last 15 years we have been providing connectivity to people around the world.
Unfortunately it seems a large number of ISPs think that our service is a free pass for them to not deploy IPv6, as they direct their (paying) customers who want IPv6 to our service.

This leaves us with HE.net but dynamic IP users are SoL.
The sad state of affairs is evidenced at https://www.sixxs.net/wiki/Cal...

Comment God no. (Score 1) 570

I know ./ has gone the way of flaming headlines for a while now, but this has to be the most stupid of headlines. We're not replacing a good teacher anytime soon. That said, there's tons of room for E-learning. Not until we're able to electronically download data into our head and somehow program muscle memory and everything else associated with learning a task. There's more to "learning" than we completely understand and a good teacher is worth more than that, they seed and encourage interest in a subject which no flashy visuals will ever accomplish.

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