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Comment Re:A likely story (Score 1) 175

I think it will take longer to pay off. This is adding in the cost and time delay of adding anti-terrorism measures into this transportation medium. You have to build in safeties for an internal explosion from the passenger compartment or cargo area. The same inspections may have to take place before passengers get on as in airports. What happens is someone tries to blow the tunnel from outside by dropping an improvised depth charge onto the tunnel?

Comment Re:Suicide by politician (Score 1) 1010

Comey's recommendation is just that. The reasoning behind it was based on rule of law. The DOJ has final say on if they will bring a case against Clinton. If you change the rule of law so that Clinton can be prosecuted, the DOJ will apply that change to every one else as well. Imagine the fun if they do so.

Comment Re:Contact bylaw enforcement. (Score 1) 388

I agree, record the critter, log the time and duration. Check with local ordinances. If nothing else set up a automated recording/logging system. You do not want to injure the dog nor get into who is the bigger neighborhood nuisance competition with the neighbor, both of which would put you in legal hot water. If the police (non-emergency call) can not do anything about it, You might seek a lawyer and see if you can seek some sort of compensation for the lost peace of mind.

Comment Re:And what good would it do? (Score 3, Interesting) 447

If it is a privacy issue, why not have the video footage be stored is a separate memory card that can be flushed from the cockpit of the plane once it lands. Flushing would be locked out until the plane is stationary. The exit checklist for the pilot would include entering a code that would flush the video of the flight cockpit after landing. Let it be two codes, one that locks out the flushing ability, and another that flushes it. In the case of a hijacking he can enter the former and the response to the console would be identical in either case.

Comment Re:Nope... Nailed It (Score 1) 186

Managers are supposed to manage the time of their charges. Document everything, if there is a ticket, document the ticket and every change to that ticket. If they keep changing/moving the target document every change. If you spend more time documenting the changes than actually doing the task, then you know you will never complete the task as whatever code you write will be obsolete before you even finish start to code. Documenting the changes requested is your best defense,

Comment Blades (Score 1) 56

You should have your VM images on some storage system like a NetApp, this lets you transfer the entire VM to another blade if one fails. So you have two blade racks both connected to the NetApp with software set up to fail over all the VM's from a failed blade to a blade on the second blade rack. You would probably run all the blades active on 1/2 load where on failure you transfer to the alternate blade on the 2nd rack and go to a full load on that blade. This protects you from a rack failure as well as an individual blade failure. The router/hub on a blade server is a single point of failure which is why you need 2 racks.

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