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Comment Re:Not true. Move on. (Score 1) 210

...and we shall see if OO formats 10 years from now will open in today's version of OO, or the other way around.
(La)TeX. A few weeks ago I re-typeset a 10 year old document in the latest version of LaTeX. Came out just right. I suspect that if I had a ten year old version of LaTeX2e I could typeset a modern document.

This is why I use LaTeX for more things than I probably should. On the other hand, I can still read and typeset those text files, and on whatever my platform of the day is. There simply isn't anything else that delivers the typesetting quality and longevity.

Comment Re:In a completely related story... (Score 1) 208

A race for blind runners doesn't sound so silly when you consider that blind people have to be more careful that us sighted folk when moving - what you or I would take for granted is difficult for them to navigate. (Runners usually have a trainer with them at the start shouting a series of numbers - different for each runner - which tell them if they're on course, too far to the left or right.)

IIRC, these games began after WW2

Comment Re:Amy Rich???? (Score 2, Insightful) 187

The review on amazon and bookpool are the same, yes (why write the same short review more than once)? I don't recall writing one for B&N (I don't buy books there), and I don't see one there claiming to be from me..? As a matter of fact, B&N claims that there are no customer reviews so far.

I wrote the amazon book review first and decided that I felt strongly enough about the book to post a review here too. slashdot reviews are more fleshed out than storefront reviews, so this one is expanded. I mostly buy technical books via bookpool, so that also seemed like a good place to put the shorter review.

I hardly consider it spam to review a book in three places! Do you only tell three friends about this cool book you just read..? No.

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