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Submission + - Use Linux?....Sansa does not want your business

StressGuy writes: Recently picked up a SanDisk Sansa (tm) c200 MP3 player. It was on sale and had the feature set I wanted (voice record, FM radio, small, USB drive mode). My home computer runs Kubuntu Linux and it seemed to work great. While I could not make the .plp format playlist it require (though I undersand it's possible), I could use EasyTag to make custom "Albums" for my workout sets. So far so good right? Then, I wanted to update the firmware. Sansa provides a .exe file for automating the process but all that really happens is that it copies the necessary files into the Sansa root directory and the unit itself will auto-install on the next data referesh. So, not having Windows, I asked SanDisk tech support where I could obtain the files to install manually. Here is the response: "Thank you for contacting SanDisk Technical Support. It is our goal to make sure you have all the resources you need to get the most from your product through your recent inquiry into our product line. We do apologize for any kind inconvenience this issue is causing you but the Sansa c200 is not supported on Linux. Also, the firmware update is on the Auto Updater which is supported on Windows XP. If you have just bought your Sansa c200, we do recommend that you contact the store where you purchased it and inquire about replacements that can be supported on your operating system or if that store honor refunds, please do ask for it. Please do provide the proof of purchase and packaging for verification purposes. Should you have any further assistance, inquiries or concerns, please do not hesitate to reply to this e-mail." Not believing such a brush-off response....I asked a clarifying question: "Wow...harsh... It appears you did not actually answer my two questions at all. Instead, you simply told me to return my mp3 player and get something else. Do I understand that right?" ....and, they reiterated.... "We do apologize but the Sansa c200 and the updater is not supported on Linux but on Windows XP and Windows Vista. We recommended to return the Sansa c200 for refund or exchange of a player supported on Linux in order to save you on troubles because as we previously stated, it is not supported on Linux both the player and the updater. Currently, we have no immediate plans to have a Linux supported player and that what we can do for now is to forward this information to the proper personnel for review and we do thank you for pointing this issue to our attention. Again, our sincere apologies for the inconveniences this has brought you. Should you have any further assistance, inquiries or concerns, please do not hesitate to reply to this e-mail." At this point, I'm kinda getting reminded of the "cheese shop" bit on Monty Python and decide to see if I can actually get him to answer my original question (is a manual update possible?). "The Rapsody version of your e200 series has the firmware available as a zip file along with manual installation instructions. Is it also possible to do a manual install for your other MP3 players?" ....he initially evades the question entirely..... "The firmware for the Rhapsody version Sansa e200 is only exclusive to Rhapsody version Sansa e200 (the Rhapsody version Sansa e200 has the Rhapsody Channel on the main menu) and is not applicable to the Sansa c200 or the Standard Sansa e200. This may corrupt the Standard Sansa e200 or the Sansa c200 when installed the firmware for the Rhapsody version Sansa e200. Should you have any further assistance, inquiries or concerns, please do not hesitate to reply to this e-mail." Having "further inquiries and concerns".....I press the point.... "I did not ask if I could install the Rhapsody firmware on my let me try again... Is it possible to download and manually install the c200 firmware?" And finally, he answers one of the original questions: "There is no way to install manually the Sansa c200 firmware. You'll have to download the Auto Updater so that your Sansa c200 will have the latest firmware version. Should you have any further assistance, inquiries or concerns, please do not hesitate to reply to this e-mail." Considering the Rhapsody version of the player, and researching the matter on the various MP3-related blogs, etc. would indicate the above statement is incorrect — if not an out-and-out lie. Furthermore, it appears that the original response is a "stock answer" given whenever a non-Windows user makes an inquiry about manually installing the flash update. So, I still like the Sansa....but it is clear that tech support is not going to help me. Still, for every effect there is an underlying cause. Why would Sandisk artifically limit their MP3 players to a single OS....even going so far as to tell other OS users that "we don't want your business"?

Submission + - Building an office intra-net Bulletin Board

StressGuy writes: "At one point, the place where I work did have a simple Web BBS in place for things like "classified ads" and general "trash talking" about the local sports teams. Thing is, this is a subsidiary of a large corporation and there was no moderation/registration in place and no terms of service were ever posted that I could find. Ultimately it was shut down as the (using the term loosely) "moderator" just got frustrated. Thing is, there are sites like "Eng-Tips" that are fantastic sources of corroboration and information sharing and I'd love to be able to implement something like that here. Unfortunately, I don't have any experience setting these things up. My goals are: 1) Only registered users can post 2) Individual users can be suspended or banned for violating TOS 3) Well communicated TOS 4) As simple and robust as possible so that it can continue to be maintained should I decide to move on. Can some of you "mighty-mighty" web design experts point this beginner to a good reference? Thanks."

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