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Comment Re:14k buys a lot of film. (Score 1) 347

Short term digital is much better. All you need is a new hard drive to store tens of thousands of photos. Though, when you are talking long term (80 to 100+ years) film is the clear winner. All you need to do with film to keep it safe for a couple hundred years is stick it in a box. Digital requires constant attention as storage mediums change, or else you end up with tens of thousands of pictures trapped in a forgotten format.

Once you are gone, is anyone going to give a shit about your photos to bother with the trouble of preserving them digitally?

Comment Re:Evolutionary Theory (Score 1) 347

What species something is a completely made up human invention. Polar bears can breed with grizzly bears because they are both bears. People breed different 'species' of snakes to make interesting looking pets too. That doesn't mean there is anything wrong with evolutionary theory, just that it is very difficult to name and categorize all living things.


Digsby IM Client Quietly Installs Badware 259

An anonymous reader writes "IM company Digsby has quietly included malware in an update to their client software that utilizes users' computing power and bandwidth while idle for a quick buck. When questioned, developers at Digsby claim that they have done no wrong and that users should not complain because the client software is 'free.'" The money-making distributed computing software is in addition to six "crapware" apps that users must refuse during installation. The terms of service that no one ever reads does describe the CPU- and bandwidth-robbing moneymaker, and its off switch is located behind the "Support Digsby" menu item.

Stray Dogs in Moscow Master the Subway 27

Biology professor Andrew Poyarkov thinks that stray dogs in Moscow have learned to use the subway to get around the city. He thinks they are using the rails in the morning to get to the center of town were food is more plentiful before returning to where they live each evening. "They do not just go to the subway station, they actually board the trains. They seem to have learned how long they need to stay on the train to leave at the right station. Sometimes they fall asleep and miss their stop. Then they get off take another train back to the center," he says.
Classic Games (Games)

New MechWarrior Announced, MechWarrior4 To Be Distributed Free 229

Vamman writes "In light of the recent announcement of the new MechWarrior game, Smith and Tinker has granted our online dev team MekTek.net (which has been supporting MechWarrior for almost a decade now) permission to release MechWarrior 4 entirely for free using the same type of distribution model that id Games used for Quake3's free release.

Brain/Computer Gaming Interface Coming in 2008 129

An anonymous reader writes "Emotiv Systems today unveiled a brain/computer interface system with a helmet and software applications at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. The Project Epoc system can move objects based on a gamer's thoughts, reflect facial expressions, and respond to the excitement or calm the gamer mentally exerts, the company said....While Emotiv is not yet ready to announce any partnerships, [they] did say the product will be coming to market in 2008."

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