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Comment Re:Unlimited == blank check (Score 1) 50

IIRC, Microsoft early on offered unlimited storage for Sky Drive, now One Drive. There was one account that had something like 70 T Bytes of data. That's a T, as in Terra. That's 1,000 Giga bytes. Not likely a single person but probably a "shared" account where a number of folks had the login name and password. A single home user wouldn't likely have the data speed to put all that stuff up even if their USP had no data limits. When MS noticed this they drastically reduced free storage limits.

Comment Re:Prime Sub (Score 1) 50

I was just going to post that Prime subs get unlimited photo storage at full quality. How long will that last?

Google has unlimited photo storage but compressed to 12 mega pixels. Works well for my 12 mega pixel Nexus 6P camera. And Microsoft's One Drive gives up 1 T Bytes of storage for Office 365 subscribers and varying amounts depending on previous history of its use. IIRC, I have 40 G bytes on One Drive, others may have more or less.

Comment Re:There's no such thing as Free Shipping (Score 1) 110

Within the US shipping costs do vary by distance the package will travel. For UPS check this link for shipping from one zone to another: https://www.ups.com/content/us...

It's possible that the price of an item on Amazon's web site varies with shipping cost when "free shipping" is part of the deal. For Prime subscribers Amazon knows the Zip code of the recipient of a package and its point of origin as well as its weight. One way Amazon may be evening out shipping charges it pays is by building shipping warehouses all over the country so shipping costs are the lowest it can add to the base cost of an item. But if the closest warehouse doesn't have an item it must make a longer trip to the customer. The other thing Amazon may be doing is figuring price on the greatest shipping distance and keeping the profit when the distance is shorter resulting in lower cost to itself. I don't know the answer to all this and Amazon may be keeping this very secret.

Comment There's no such thing as Free Shipping (Score 1) 110

I hate the term "Free Shipping." If there were free shipping UPS, USPS, FedEx wouldn't be paid to move Amazon purchases to your door. The term should be "Price includes shipping." And of course the value of this shipping depends on the distance from the shipping point to your door. Maybe the price depends on that, but I don't know. If the included shipping price is the same then those farthest from the shipping point to their door are being subsidized by those close to the shipping points. I'm surprised that some Federal regulator hasn't come down on Amazon and every other mail order company for using this term.

Comment Everyone gets notifications, don't they? (Score 1) 117

Set a permanent notification on phones that says the phone has the newer, safer battery. I have a couple of notifications that are always there when I swipe down to view them. If someone needs to prove they have an the new battery they can show the notification. Then when there's an update to a newer OS version is installed the notification can be removed, or not. Oh, wait, when will Samsung update the OS?

Comment Re:Invaders from Earth !! (Score 1) 231

Kind of like in the original 1953 movie "The War of the Worlds", only in reverse. The Martians came and it was the littlest things that destroyed them. I often wondered whether the earthlings sent some germs to Mars to make sure the Martians could never come again because they would be destroyed. Then again, the Martians could develop vaccines against the germs and come again and wipe out Earth's people. On the other hand, the Martians were doomed because of climate change on Mars and Earthlings would be protected by waiting for them to die off and would need to do nothing. And then there's "Mars Attacks" ....

Comment It would be nice if the box got quality programs (Score 1) 149

A cable box might be worth owning if what went into the box for viewing were of high quality. I'd guess 90% or more of it is junk. We should be able to subscribe to just those 10 to 15 channels we want at a reasonable price. Likely the vast majority of channels would go away, particularly those with commercials.

Comment Re:Universities aren't completely honest either (Score 2) 420

Colorado, like most states, has complicated tax law and some of it is unique. One thing is the Tax Payer's Bill of Rights,(TABOR) which requires tax revenue for any taxing district (state, county, city/town) to refund revenue in excess of that based on population growth and inflation and may be part of the budget problem this year. The total state budget is ~$27 billion of which somewhere around $75 million is state marijuana tax revenue is expected - ~ 0.28% of revenue - not much in the grand scheme of things. Looking around it seems that TABOR will require the return to taxpayers of something like $350 million. It looks like the Governor and Legislature underestimated revenue and the amount to be returned to us under TABOR, though I'm not completely sure about all this. I may be wrong, but IIRC, the marijuana revenue is supposed to go to K - 12 schools and can't be spent on anything else and cannot be used to replace normal state support for schools. The bottom line is that the arithmetic results in a projected deficit of something like ~$350 million and universities will bear a substantial part of that reduction in spending. These numbers seem to change montly.

Comment Re:Universities aren't completely honest either (Score 2) 420

This year Colorado, where I live, found they might have an income problem and would need to cut expenses, IIRC,~$350 million. The first thing that come out of the mouth of the governor was support for higher education would be cut to fund the anticipated deficit. That from a Democratic governor, no less. This has been going on for 30 years or more. When I started as an assistant professor many years ago the public university system I started at had state support for its education component at about 70% of its cost. Now it's less than 10%. One way public universities have tried to compensate for the loss of state support is to recruit more and more out of state and foreign students who will pay the much higher non resident tuition. This results in a reduction in the number in qualified in-state students enrolled.

Comment Re:Mostly (Score 1) 265

Though it may be apocryphal, the biblical story of Adam and Eve and their sons Cain and Abel may be the writer of Genesis's observation that "violence and conflict have dogged humanity since the start." This is probably not the earliest observation (likely lost to history) about these human characteristics, we also have the Greek tragedies as lessons.

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