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Comment Re:Not strictly Excel's fault (Score 1) 337

But don't people inputting data in a spreadsheet read what's entered? It's pretty simple to format cells, a range of cells, blocks of cells to be text, numerical with a format attached, etc. Copy and pasting or moving data around in a spreadsheet can be a bit of problem if you're not paying attention, but as the data is moved around, take a peek at what's shown.

Comment Re: So that's what that is... (Score 1) 70

Similar question: can you root the phone?

If the phone was purchased on a contract from one of the big 4 carriers you may not be able to do that until the contract expires which might be as long as two years in the future. After that the carrier may be required to provide the proper unlocking code.

Carriers are moving away from contract phone purchases but don't know if outright purchased phones are unlocked but they should be by law.

Comment Re:Stop chasing the shiny (Score 1) 161

About frequent automobile replacements: when I was living in metro Detroit many years ago, J. P. McCarthy had on his noontime radio interview program a high executive of General Motors. Getting to the quick, the guy basically said that cars were being built to last three years so that folks would need a new one every three years. The result is that the car payment would be a permanent part of one's expenses just like the house mortgage payment. Remember, GM had a car financing company, General Motors Acceptance Corporation (GMAC) which was a big profit center. We all know what happened to that business plan: non-American car companies, notably from Japan, started building cars that lasted a lot longer than three years. GMAC no longer exists as it became Ally Bank during GM's bankruptcy, though they may have another financing arm now.

By the way, JP was a great interviewer and there's a nice Wikipedia biography: I didn't know he had died. RIP JP.

Comment Skype seems to work well on Android 6 and earlier (Score 2) 147

But if it stops working on Android in the future, there's Hangouts that does video calling nicely. Apparently there is no Hangouts for Windows phone but one for iPhone. The fact that Microsoft is killing killing it's own apps for phone tells you something about the future of Windows Phone. It should just be removed from MS's portfolio.

Comment Here's how I handled a service problem with a VPN (Score 2) 159

In the US, millions, if not billions, of credit cards are being replaced with chips that have a new expiration date. This means one must contact auto pay creditors of the change. When this happened to me, all but one of my creditors had simple web pages to do that. The one was a VPN provider and I sent a message to their customer service asking how to make this simple change. The response was that I needed to cancel my account with them and start a new account because they could not change the expiration date. I then cancelled my service from them and have a new provider. I've also filled social media about this problem. They're begging me to come back with a big discount. Too bad, guys.

Comment Neflix posts average ISP speeds (Score 2) 101


These speeds are for prime time delivery of Netflix's data for July comes in 6th at 3.47 Mbps whereas Verizon, number one, is at 3.61 Mbps. Not much difference. Some caveats here: there can be variations for data travel over intermediate connections, it's prime time. Then again, Netflix produces something like 37% of network traffic during prime time so maybe the numbers are useful.

One problem with Ookla results is that for their speed tests the data between your modem and your ISP's servers likely never leave the ISP's network. That's very unlikely to be the case for general Internet usage.

Comment Re:How will locking the car help? (Score 1) 215

You mentioned chop shop. I was wondering if the parts of a new Jeep would be saleable soon after stealing unless they work on old Jeeps because new ones shouldn't need new parts. Then again, these are Jeeps. Someone once said that you need two Jeeps: one to drive while the other is in the shop for repairs. Of course the stolen cars could be shipped whole to someplace like Cuba where VINs are not too important.

Comment Re:I assume collection will be self reported (Score 1) 271

As far as I know Amazon charges sales taxes on goods shipped to any state having a sales tax. Here in Colorado I don't believe Amazon has a presence yet though they charge sales tax. So do other mail order companies. Amazon has announced the building of a distribution center here so that will be moot soon.

Comment Re:Ready to (Score 1) 280

Very far from an expert here, but does the proof of the usefulness of the F-35 depend on how it will fare against other offensive or defensive aircraft? There are other methods of combating advanced aircraft that may show its limitations such as Surface to Air Missiles (SAMs) perhaps combined with radio interference technology or other methods we don't know about. After all, these new planes are full of computers and fly-by-wire control systems making use of computers and radios. It's also possible the weakest component in the plane is the pilot and I'm not sure what external forces can put that individual out of commission excluding rockets or bullets. If an opponent could hack the control system to cause the pilot ejection system to fire that would do the job.

Comment One of these was outside a Starbucks (Score 1) 71

Some time ago I saw a picture in a news post where one of these Wi-Fi kiosks was being installed in front of a Starbucks entry door. Hmmm... Seems like you could just go inside the Starbucks and activate the Wi-Fi there for free without buying anything. You could also sit down while doing your web surfing. Better, too, during inclement weather. Not sure about NYC, but in my medium size city there's a Starbucks within walking distance of every other Starbucks.

Comment Woody Allen moonlights (Score 1) 351

Woody plays his clarinet on Monday evenings in the Woody Allen & the Eddy Davis New Orleans Jazz Band in New York City. I'm pretty sure he's not a millennial nor does he need the extra cash.

My wife has a male second cousin who married two years ago right out of college to a women also just out of college. They now live in a large metro area of ~3 million and both have responsible jobs in secure industries. They have little or no college loans to pay off and were able to buy a nice, 2 BR condo in a good part of town. They do not subscribe to pay tv but are very computer - Internet savvy. Never the less he occasionally drives for Uber on weekends and she has been selling on eBay some kind of do-dads she makes. In meeting them I get the feeling they are just go getters. I know he's a smart investor and right now is looking around to buy a condo to rent out in town where there is a real shortage of housing. He may turn into a real estate baron, but hopefully not like the one that's been in the news lately.

Comment Re:Death to VW? (Score 1) 123

You're right about emissions regulation. The problem is two fold: improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions. In the US this has been done using gasoline engines as mentioned in my post where in Europe it was tried with Diesel. Except Diesel produced improve fleet fuel efficiency but not reduced emissions, so VW lied about the latter and got caught. The solutions are tough because often improved efficiency causes increased emissions of nitrogen oxides because engines work at higher temperatures and catalytic converters can increase NOx. Cars made for the US using gasoline seem to be doing OK but not Diesels.

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