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Comment Woody Allen moonlights (Score 1) 346

Woody plays his clarinet on Monday evenings in the Woody Allen & the Eddy Davis New Orleans Jazz Band in New York City. I'm pretty sure he's not a millennial nor does he need the extra cash.

My wife has a male second cousin who married two years ago right out of college to a women also just out of college. They now live in a large metro area of ~3 million and both have responsible jobs in secure industries. They have little or no college loans to pay off and were able to buy a nice, 2 BR condo in a good part of town. They do not subscribe to pay tv but are very computer - Internet savvy. Never the less he occasionally drives for Uber on weekends and she has been selling on eBay some kind of do-dads she makes. In meeting them I get the feeling they are just go getters. I know he's a smart investor and right now is looking around to buy a condo to rent out in town where there is a real shortage of housing. He may turn into a real estate baron, but hopefully not like the one that's been in the news lately.

Comment Re:Death to VW? (Score 1) 123

You're right about emissions regulation. The problem is two fold: improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions. In the US this has been done using gasoline engines as mentioned in my post where in Europe it was tried with Diesel. Except Diesel produced improve fleet fuel efficiency but not reduced emissions, so VW lied about the latter and got caught. The solutions are tough because often improved efficiency causes increased emissions of nitrogen oxides because engines work at higher temperatures and catalytic converters can increase NOx. Cars made for the US using gasoline seem to be doing OK but not Diesels.

Comment Re:Death to VW? (Score 1) 123

My guess is VW will stop making Diesel engines for cars if the haven't already. My understanding is that Europe and particularly the UK, decided to go Diesel to improve fleet fuel mileage rather than the US which has increased fleet gasoline mileage through improvements in engine performance using physical design and computers and the use of hybrid technologies. I recently read the VW is now working on hybrid and electric vehicle tech. I'm not sure if that means gasoline-hybrid or Diesel-hybrid.

Comment Re:Test mode all the time? (Score 1) 123

The test equipment for mobile operation is probably pretty expensive and if you wanted to test many cars it would need to be moved from car to car to get a representative sample.

I haven't seen how the system actually knows the car is being tested on a dynamometer. Does the system know the rear wheels aren't turning? That might be easy for a 4-wheel drive car but I'm guessing the VWs are front wheel drive only. Using GPS would also be unreliable. Anybody know?

Comment Re:The British government looks like Duck Soup (Score 1) 227

I recently read somewhere that the heads of the EU countries' delegations in Brussels told the UK person that the UK can't have any of the benefits of being in the EU without being in the EU. The UK can't pick and choose what they like about the EU and forgo those that the UK doesn't like. I think any negotiations with the EU or individual EU countries will be incredibly difficult and might involve the use of the middle fingers of EU negotiators to the UK. Or is it two fingers in the reverse of the V for Victory sign? Using both hands and maybe toes!

Your suggestion about the appointment of Johnson as Foreign Secretary then neutering him for life is interesting. I didn't think May could be that devious or smart. It may just be an unintended consequence she didn't understand but will come to realize what a smart move it was.

Comment Re:UK thinks it's economy matters, so cute (Score 1) 227

Perhaps you're saying what I've been saying for a long time: I can't think what modern manufactured product the UK makes that's the best of something in the world. Maybe Rolls Royce cars, but, though individually they cost a great deal, not many can afford them and even those who can will buy a car that gets them where they need to go and invest the cost difference elsewhere. The stuff produced by their intellectual property is made overseas. I didn't say the US was much better in that regard. At least Intel designs it chips in the US and most are made in the US.

Comment The British government looks like Duck Soup (Score 3, Funny) 227

I wonder if the inner sanctum of Number 10 has lots of doors because it looks like a Marx Brothers movie, particularly Duck Soup. May is Margaret Dumont, , Johnson is Groucho, Chico could be Hammond, and Harpo could be Truss. We need more Marx Brothers for the rest of the bozos. No wonder Cameron hummed with a smile while entering Number 10 to clean out his stuff.

Comment What about the inverter? (Score 3, Interesting) 109

What's the expected lifetime and warranty of the inverter? The cost of inverters seem to be about $0.40 per watt so for a 3,000 watt system it would cost ~$1,200. There surely are It looks like they are warranted for 5 years but one would hope they would last longer than that. And I'm sure there are service contracts with guaranteed replacement. How many would be needed over 35 years? Hopefully not too many.

Comment We need more info about the unemployed (Score 1) 496

Data such as age distribution, education, previous work experience, and other factors are probably well known. If many of the unemployed just graduated from secondary school or college with art history, English literature or psychology majors, or a large percentage of the unemployed are near retirement age and were manual laborers, all this might explain the unemployment rate. And or course what skills are in demand? The original post suggests the problem is associated with skill needs not matching the expertise of the unemployed and the lack of opportunities for training the unemployed. It's also possible the unemployed cannot be trained because of native ability. Not everyone can learn computer programming skills or the math necessary to work in the financial industry or architectural design.

Comment I expect the switch will be Aug 1, 2016 (Score 1) 285

I've expected that once the "free" upgrade program to Windows 10 ends on July 29, 2016, those who have installed the update will get a notice that the software will require a subscription to continue using your Windows 10 computer. Unless you pay $20 per month beginning August 30, 2016, your computer will be bricked. But Wait! We have a special deal: you can also continue to use your computer with Windows 10 for only $199 for 12 months. Prices are expected to increase yearly.

Comment Re:Suit filed in Floride District Court (Score 1) 159

Here's the quote from the linked article: "Ross v. Apple, Inc. was filed with the Florida Southern District Court on June 27. The case number is 0:2016cv61471." The world Federal doesn't appear so I took it as a state court. My bad! Anyway, we're in agreement that this will likely be laughed out of court. No lawyers for Ross? Apple's lawyers could be $650 per hour, if not more, plus travel and hotel, etc., if necessary, and they should go after reimbursement.

Comment Suit filed in Floride District Court (Score 1) 159

I presume this is a State of Florida court not a US Federal court. It would seem the Florida court has no jurisdiction over patent stuff so I expect a pretty quick dismissal and suggestion of using a Federal court. Filing in the federal circuit court appropriate to Florida probably would get a pretty quick dismissal as well. Now, going to East Texas probably would would result in a huge judgement in the Ross's favor. and even more money for his lawyers if they're not on contingency. Last step to a Federal Appeals court with judicial laughter heard all the way to Cupertino.

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