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Comment Re:Hall of Fame worthy (Score 1) 50

Understood. I've also run into folks hired who were "gotten rid of" with wonderful letters of rec. The earlier employer in your case didn't want to take the trouble of firing the person, was afraid of litigation or didn't want to go to the trouble of helping the employee solve her problem, so just wrote a good rec letter.

Comment Re: So what's the issue? (Score 1) 213

A few years ago I remember learning that in the US there were about 20,000 people who were 100 years old or older who were very healthy and living on their own. Just recently the estimate had grown, IIRC, to 50 to 60 thousand. I also read that 30% of babies born today will live to be 100 years old. I'm guessing there are a surprising number of folks that are 110 years old in the US. Whether they are healthy living on their own or not is another thing.

Remember George Burns's statement, "If you live to be one hundred, you've got it made. Very few people die past that age."

Comment Re:Adam lived to 930 (Score 1) 213

Speaking of Adam and Eve, I've often wondered how the human population developed. Cain supposedly killed his bother, and nothing was said about female humans born to Adam and Eve. Even if Adam and Eve had daughters, or Cain and Eve have daughters, did Cain and/or Adam have children with Eve's daughters? Sounds like lots of incest was going on regardless of the situation.

Comment Re:Hall of Fame worthy (Score 1) 50

There may be a good reason they're former employees. These days letters of recommendation mean almost nothing since any negative statement can result in a law suit against the writer. I've been told to just write statements like: the applicant worked here from date 1 to date 2 and his/her experience may qualify him/her for the job he/she has applied for. Likewise, CVs don't mean anything either.

Comment How much is going to taxes? (Score 1) 156

My guess is that something like 35% to 40%, if not more, is the sum of Federal and State income taxes. This will depend on how she disposes of this largess as long term or short term income. Many would like to reduce Federal taxes on businesses to something like 12% to 15%, so one way to get some of that back is to heavily tax the income of those paid these huge sums.

Comment What about Chip and PIN in the US? (Score 1) 85

Here we are in the US with chip and signature, much less chip and biometrics. And not all all retailers have chip readers, including Costco, at least the one I shop at. My one man barber shop has a chip reader POS terminal. And what about using stolen cards with on line retailers before the owner knows about the theft? I'm not sure how the interface would work.

Comment Sounds like a repeat of Windows RT (Score 2) 206

And you might need to be always connected to OneDrive or a new platform, Microsoft Drive, at some monthly fee. The apps could also be had for a monthly subscription fee, a la Office 365. One post suggested these devices should have cellular data capability which at $10 per GigaByte, along with the cloud drive fee and the app fee, might end up costing its owner far more than the initial cost of the device in a few months. This could be like the famous razor blade business plan.

Comment Re:We're not gonna miss anything (Score 1) 200

Excellent points. I forgot about appealing to an audience that would sell what the sponsors want to sell without much, or any, controversy. All this leads to dull content. I don't mean the audience is dull or not intelligent. Others have made that connection. Then again, half the population has an IQ less than 100 and that's a significant population with some money to spend.

Comment We're not gonna miss anything (Score 1) 200

We NEVER watch broadcast TV. I don't know why the programming is so bad, whether it's the writers, the producers who invent the paradigm or the sponsors. It might be nice to revisit some of the old programs like Mary Tyler Moore, Gunsmoke. and others. If you get MeTV over the air many of these programs are shown there. The problem the networks will have is that these programs took up much more of the half-hour or hour than programs do today and commercial time would be reduced if they were shown in their original format. I guess technology could fix that. And as far a movies are concerned, dialog is almost non existent, it's just gun fights, car chases and unrealistic CGI; maybe that's cheaper than writing dialog for a good story or writers and others involved in making movies have no imagination.

Comment I loved OS/2. Things Changed (Score 1) 93

I was an avid user of Os/2 and certainly used its included Windows 3.0 or was it 3.1? IIRC, IBM had the code for Windows and recompiled it using their own compiler and it worked faster and maybe better than Microsoft's product. It also had a neat terminal program - can't remember its name - that was produced by a company near my post office on Centennial Blvd in Colorado Springs. Can't remember its name either. Things have changed. Would things be better if OS/2 development had prevailed instead of development of the current Windows platforms? Maybe. We will never know.

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