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Comment How wil this help rural Internet customers? (Score 1) 53

Some of my cousins live in rural Iowa and are connected to Century link with ~500 kbit/sec Internet connections. Their computer can talk to their phones and vice versa really, really fast with this technology, but DSL connections will still be pretty slow. Their phones have relatively fast Internet connections but with the data speed caps for "unlimited" cell phone plans, cell phone connections to the Internet are not terribly useful for the things most families use the Internet for.

Comment Re:Calculate full time equivalent employees (Score 1) 114

I'm not really talking about the cost of the employees, either in pay or cost of benefits. Obviously the cost to an employer depends on possible benefits and at most places benefits are available to employees who work more than a certain number of hours per week. Amazon has said they're going to hire 100,000 employees this year. How many hours are they going to work? That number sounds great, but if the average employee works 10 hours per week, that's really only the work of 25,000 full time people. That 100,000 number could be a public relations number that some politicians will crow about, regardless of whether the workers get benefits. That might be great if these workers are high school students or college students wanting part time work, but not if you want full time work with the income it generates and maybe benefits to support a household. The Bureau of Labor Statistics counts people as employed if the worked for pay over a certain amount of time, without counting hours, or if one worked without pay for at least 15 hours per week, such as on the family farm. They don't seem to use the concept of FTE or the number of jobs one holds to be called employed.

Comment Calculate full time equivalent employees (Score 1) 114

What would be interesting is to first separate the number of exempt employees (salaried) from hourly workers, then find the total number of hours worked by the hourly workers during a week. Divide the total number of hours worked by hourly workers by 40 - the number of hours considered full time employment in the US - to get the number of full time equivalent hourly workers (FTE). This could also be done for calendar quarters to smooth out variations. This might be a better way of describing it's total hourly workforce. You could do the same for exempt folks, but that's somewhat misleading since those folks supposedly work enough hours to get their job done which could be highly variable.

Comment Re:The point (Score 1) 532

I assume the taxes used to support Britain's NHS substitute for health insurance. For the US, I found the following about Health insurance:

"For 2012, the previous report, annual premiums for employer-sponsored family health coverage reached $15,745, up 4 percent from 2010, with workers on average paying $4,316 toward the cost of their coverage. A single or Individual employee's coverage cost $5,615, with the worker on average paying $951 out-of-pocket." (

This is for 2012, five years ago! For sure, costs haven't gone down.

You're going to pay for health care one way or the other. So, which system do you want - socialized medicine or that which the US has? The whole idea of insurance is to spread the risk. Some folks will never have cause to use much of the benefit because they are healthy, live long and suddenly die. Others will have incredible demands on the care system even if they have short lives.

One thing about the US system that opponents of government sponsored health care is that folks who don't pay anything for health insurance will still get health care. They will go to an emergency room or clinic for care and never pay for it. The care giver will recover their costs from those who do have insurance raising the cost of insurance. Hospitals, clinics and health care providers are not going to lose money else they would be out of business, even for non-profit establishments.

Comment Does it use Internet Data? (Score 1) 108

If it uses Internet Data, then one needs to be careful about over data usage cap limits and extra fees. Comcast has or is moving to 1,000 GByte calendar month data caps, though one can get unlimited data by paying $50 more than the usual subscription fee for a given data plan. These extra fees won't be made up by the $2.50 credit on the cable box fee. What they should do is charge only $2.50 as the only fee for using a Roku and forget about the cable box fee and zero rate data charges. Knowing Comcast, they would probably raise the channel/program package fees as well as ISP/Internet connection fees. No one should be hoodwinked into thinking there's some sort of deal here. Comcast will still control fees to maintain a high net income.

Comment Instead of importing H1-B employees... (Score 2) 834

set the same persons up in an overseas establishment. Send those who they replace to the establishment to train their "replacements". Depending on the foreign establishment, the new employees will get $10 k to $20 k per year, much more if they're in a European country, but not what they'd get in Silicon Valley. Seems like a lot of that's going on now.

Comment Re:May not even be the theif. (Score 2) 74

Possession of stolen property, no matter how obtained, is usually a crime. That's why pawn shop owners need to be especially careful else they can both lose stolen stuff that's in their shop and go to jail. Sometimes managing stolen property is called fencing and for stolen money, money laundering, all against the law.

Comment How many phones have SD slots? (Score 1) 62

Not very knowledgeable, here, but it seems SD slots in phones have gone away. My laptop has one, but not the phones in my household. Maybe you can get an adapter to plug an SD card into the USB port on a phone. Then again, internal memory in these devices has increased and 128 GB, or more, can be had at a premium. And, how much memory does one of these downloads, say a 2 hr HD movie, to SD card use?

Comment Re:How Many??? (Score 1) 163

I live in a city with a library district that covers the city, a couple of small/medium size towns and some unincorporated county area with a service population of about 475,000 to 500,000 or so. Not all towns or the county are part of the district. There are 17 branch libraries including three very large locations plus a bookmobile, containing 2.5 million books, 50,000 ebooks for download, many thousands of music CDs and DVDs. The great thing is that by using the Web, one can put a hold on material and have it delivered to any of the branches for pickup, usually within a couple of days if not checked out. Whenever I've been at any of the branches they are very crowded with patrons. Service is phenomenal. Sounds like we're up to that of St. Louis and the others mentioned.

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