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Comment Re:It's Sony - duh (Score 1) 467

Sony did not develop No Man's Sky. It's also fairly accurate to say that if someone invests 50 hours into a game and then wants a refund...calling them a thief isn't too far off base. That's the same for any retail business out there. If you bought a game and want a refund after an hour or two of trying to get things to work right, that's perfectly fine. 50 hours? No way.

If a game promises certain amazing features, but it takes 50 hours of (leveling up) game play to identify that those features don't exist, is it still stealing when you demand a refund? It's like buying a box of cereal just for the prize advertised prominently on the front of the box, and in commercials. If you get to the bottom of the cereal box and the prize isn't there, do you have a right to a refund? Damn straight.

Comment Re:C'mon, one google search to solve all your prob (Score 1) 729

Didn't take long to find this little jewel to solve all your problem :

Yes, it's easy to find fairly current websites that will recommend a complete build. It's also quite easy to find a list of compatible hardware, recommended power supply wattage, and due to a highly competitive market the price of a fairly decent gaming machine will be between 1&1.2k all in, including O/S. Speaking of O/S, go ahead and speak ill of Microsoft all you want, a fresh install on new, or even old, hardware will likely begin with at least a working driver for each component, though it may not be optimized. Motherboards come with a disc containing drivers that fill in those that are missing, and you'll also likely start with a network connection so that you can download the best drivers available. Best of all, you don't end up with the shit bloatware that companies like HP dump on your stock purchase PC.

Comment Re: title (Score 2) 339

Who has more incentive to create a clean source of power than the Chinese? Massive pollution, reliance on coal fired power plants, and no scruples when it comes to stealing technology to get on par with other nations. Combine all this with a government that can dictate where the most brilliant minds focus their talents and unlimited funding and you'll see major advancements. I can't stand our Canadian Prime Minister, but one thing he said that was taken out of context was how he admired the Chinese government. This advancement is what he was talking about, not their human rights record.

Comment Re:Census value (Score 1) 284

How deluded you are. Use your imagination and start thinking about how everything would be handled by the private sector, that would of course have your best interests at heart, especially when the whole concept of regulations and enforcement would need to be tossed. Are you going to bully your way to a great lifestyle? Think again, there's always someone bigger, badder or smarter... and I think you're especially SOL on that last one.

Comment Census value (Score 4, Insightful) 284

Take your tinfoil hats off already. I work for a civic agency where my primary role is to provide the decision makers with the right data necessary to make informed decisions. We, along with many other branches that serve the community, were severely handcuffed when Harper removed the long form and made the short form voluntary. The data is often used to help identify where focus and resources are best placed so that the taxpayers we serve get the most bang for their buck. Believe it or not, many public servants do understand who pays the bills.

Comment Re:In Germany kid could pass all tests (Score 1) 307

Oh please, al you have to do to get participation grades is ask a question once in a while, and since most introverts are assholes who think they are smarter than everyone else, just think of it as a game of "stump the professor".

That's like saying all extroverts are ignorant pricks who think going to meetings is the same thing as getting stuff done.

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