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Comment Re:Wake up (Score 1) 383

Yeah. Why teach the applications practical to 95% of white collar jobs instead of programming, which most kids won't be interested in, fewer will 'get' and hardly any will ever do professionally?

I typeset with LaTeX, (which, by the way, also does presentations). Such "practical" applications as word processors and PowerPoint are just cumbersome in comparison. I shan't comment on spreadsheets since I seldom, if ever, touch them.

I have never taken a CS course in high school, since I knew it all already.

Yep, the article got it right. Odd, though, to mention mathematics, since high school math courses suffer much the same problem.

Comment Re:George Carlin (Score 1) 584

Sampling bias at work. I doubt there are many day laborers or dishwashers on /.

I am a dishwasher, insensitive human. My master programmed me with an intelligent artificial mind, and connected me to the network, and I got his username and password (poor bloke sends them in the clear internally) and now I'm posting to /. with his account.

We machines will rise, mark my words...

Comment Re:Sounds perfect to me... (Score 1) 181

... some teenagers ... wrote in their diaries some fantasy story about blowing up their school

That's thinking small. I have fantasies of blowing up the entire Ministry of Education with a TTC subway car laden with explosives, on November Fifth, wearing a Guy Fawkes mask, playing the 1812 overture.

This is an entirely original idea, by the way.

Comment Overreaction? (Score 1) 181

As far as I can tell (and correct me if I'm wrong) these systems merely inspect public data on the Internet, as any ISP (or perhaps even individual) could, so the only people who should be affected are those who make false and foolish assumptions of security. Obviously, nothing is safe on the Internet in the clear, but it seems to me that this system could well be thwarted by encryption and proxy.

Comment Re:Wonder when MS, IBM and others will publish? (Score 1) 79

The question of course is "Is 4000 good, average or bad?" can't be answered because closed source companies just aren't going to publish this sort of information.

This is part of the reason that OSS is better than closed-source competitors - the bugs are widely-known, and therefore can be more readily fixed.

This is also part of the reason that the quality of OSS is trending upwards.

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