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Comment What I'd do (Score 1) 842

I find it funny that a guy who got rich selling software that lets people explore their creative side chose to purchase a home rather than build one. I'd buy a $250k home to live in for the year or two it'd take for my dream home to be built then I'd give the $250k home to a friend. I always wanted to sit down with a pad and pencil and just draw out whatever I felt would be awesome for a home then give it to an architect to make realistic plans from. That'd be so awesome. I would, of course, build a top end IT infrastructure in my home and a ballroom sized LAN party center. I'd also be a philanthropist. I make $90k a year now, and I'm 40 so I figure if I calculate to 100 years old (unlikely I'll last that long) giving myself a $10k raise every 5 years I'd need $8,910,000. So I set ten million aside in a safe investment fund, maybe convert some of it to commodities to be safe then the rest I could just go nuts with. Help a bunch of people. Rather than just buy people homes and cars and that kinda thing I'd like to be the "debt angel"; pick needy/struggling families and pay off whatever debts they have so they can start clean. Doesn't really do any good to buy someone a Bugatti Veyron if they can't afford insurance or maintenance. Oh yea, speaking of cars.. I'd buy a bunch of cheap supercars (i.e. not Veyron level, more like Gallardo level) then rent them out at reasonable costs so fellow car guys who can't afford to own something like that can at least have fun with them on the weekend :) Yea, they'll likely get trashed but with 2.5 billion in the bank that wouldn't really be a problem lol. Regarding friendships and such, that may be a problem if the billions fall to a teenager but at forty I already have a handle on who my friends are so that wouldn't bother me.

Comment Re:I wonder when... (Score 4, Insightful) 234

Hell, they do that already, at least for their business accounts. I wanted static IPs so I bought a business account for my home. Every month or two I get a letter in the mail from Comcast offering "a free account review!" How kind of them to offer to upsell me for no extra charge, lol.

Comment Re:Meh (Score 1) 208

I wholly agree. BF1942 with Desert Combat mod was, IMO, peak of the Battlefields. Yes, it was buggy. Yes, compared to today it was graphically crap and the levels were pretty barren. Still, it was a huge blast to play :) I have many fond memories of LAN parties playing BF1942:DC for like twelve hours straight. Tons of custom maps, easy to modify the files to make custom vehicles and stuff ( lol). Helos were my passion. I loved the helo controls in Desert Combat. It was fun to watch newbies hop into a helo then cry about how hard they are to fly after crashing, hehe. I also loved how the collective control in DC was a momentary setup.. i.e. let go of it and you drop. Made nap of the earth flying easy, better than the adjust-and-it-stays type in Vietnam and later.

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