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Comment Re:It has the name, but does it have the spirit? (Score 1) 84

My personal feeling is that Joel too frequently let his pride get in the way of what was best for the comedy. He was in a straightman role but hated being the straightman because it often meant the jokes were at his expense. This led to him stepping on jokes by having to get in the final word after the actual punchline.

Mike realized his job was to be the robot's buttmonkey and was fine playing the buttmonkey.

Comment Yeah... (Score 2, Insightful) 203

If somebody inserts random odd generated crud in the middle of your source code, you will absolutely notice

Like how Heartbleed was immediately noticed and didn't sit there for two years.

This is one of those things Open Source proponents keep saying that isn't actually true, because people aren't really auditing the code.

Comment Re: How hazardous (Score 1) 274

Oh, for god's fsck'ing sake... anyone older than roughly 30 who grew up in a real city probably ingested more lead by his 10th birthday than kids born today will likely encounter during their entire LIVES.

Which is why the crime rate has dropped 60% since the early 90s: because we stopped exposing all of our kids to chronic lead poisoning.

Comment Real Lesson Here... (Score 1) 363 not to put your business critical infrastructure in a place where a third party has the power to unilaterally cut off access to it.

An operation the size of PewDiePie should have their own video distribution system so that YouTube can't just cut them off from their users.

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