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Comment Re:Question about U.B.I. (Score 5, Informative) 895

One limiting factor in human reproduction rates is our ability to afford food, housing, and healthcare. To the extent that UBI would meet those needs, I would expect human populations to grow even further, until other limiting factors imposed an equilibrium.

This is demonstrably false; developed nations have much lower reproduction rates than the undeveloped nation. Once the risk of childhood mortality is eliminated, our species preferred reproductive strategy appears to be to use additional resources to improve the quality of our offspring rather than the quantity.

Comment Re:The blame can be shared (Score 4, Insightful) 680

Life: Record lows in winter

e.g. If the three months of winter on average way above normal, but I can find one day over the three month period that was unusually cold, I am going to pretend the entire winter was record cold.

Life: They haven't, they aren't.

e.g. Only hurricanes that make land fall in the continental US count because they're the only ones I hear about on the news

Life: Flooding and heavy rains.

e.g. Ignore the widespread droughts, it's always raining somewhere.

Comment It's the Science News Media's Fault (Score 5, Insightful) 680

Science news is largely presented by reporters with journalism educations who don't have any background in the science they're covering and as a result don't really understand the nature of what it is they're covering.

As a result, when they report an issue like climate change, they're completely unqualified to explain the actual science and instead of covering the work that scientists do, they cover the scientists instead. Instead of explaining the research that led Dr. Jones to conclude climate is changing, we get an appeal to authority.

So the reason non-scientists deny climate change is that the argument for climate change is largely being presented to them via non-scientific arguments.

Comment Missing the Obvious Implication (Score 1) 141

In fact, Comcast says the company still has around 6 million DSL subscribers in its territory, many of which are likely frustrated by outdated speeds.

And what does it say about Comcast as a company when there's 6 million people willing to suffer through crappy DSL rather than have to deal with Comcast?

Comment Terminal Ergonomics (Score 1) 675

This seems like a minor complaint, but one thing I've noticed is a lot of the chip readers are really awkward to get the card into, particularly if the terminal is bolted into one of those angled terminal stands. They should put the chip slot on the left side or the front face of the terminal instead of on the bottom.

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