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Comment Re:automated tracking (Score 3, Insightful) 134

On the road sensors will be able to monitor you and issue a speeding ticket every time you were driving 66 miles per hour, when only 65 mph is allowed.

No, because then everyone would stop speeding and the revenue source would dry up. The system depends on the chance of being caught so low that most people are willing to risk it.

Comment The Fine Print (Score 2) 171

It should be noted the regulation is going to effectively ban open source operating systems in California.

The regulation requires a certification that includes testing of the OS's power management capabilities, which means only OS's with a big enough corporate backer to get them through the certification process are going to be legal.

Comment Selection Bias (Score 1) 1321

The various types of voting machines aren't distributed randomly, so the first question is the assumption that any difference between electronic voting machines and optical scanners is the result of tampering and not a difference in the types of municipalities that choose electronic voting machines vs the types of municipalities that choose optical scanners.

In particular, electronic voting machines are more expensive, so you'd think they represent wealthier tax bases than the area that went for the cheaper options. The fact wealthy areas are slightly more republican leaning isn't exactly a huge shock.

Comment Re:Question about U.B.I. (Score 5, Informative) 917

One limiting factor in human reproduction rates is our ability to afford food, housing, and healthcare. To the extent that UBI would meet those needs, I would expect human populations to grow even further, until other limiting factors imposed an equilibrium.

This is demonstrably false; developed nations have much lower reproduction rates than the undeveloped nation. Once the risk of childhood mortality is eliminated, our species preferred reproductive strategy appears to be to use additional resources to improve the quality of our offspring rather than the quantity.

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