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Comment Re:Science or Religion? (Score 4, Insightful) 1136

It really isn't. You'd do well to try and claim that people without degrees in structural engineering are fit to design bridges, or that doctors who never went to medical school are okay to be surgeons.

In the same way, something as insanely complex as climate science needs a level of understanding that only a PhD can recognise. To claim otherwise is totally ignorant, but I suppose a little popularist.

Finally, 9000 is quite a minority. Numbers are meaningless without context. It's a long way to the sun, but thats nothing to the centre of the milky way.


Scientists Say a Dirty Child Is a Healthy Child 331

Researchers from the School of Medicine at the University of California have shown that the more germs a child is exposed to, the better their immune system in later life. Their study found that keeping a child's skin too clean impaired the skin's ability to heal itself. From the article: "'These germs are actually good for us,' said Professor Richard Gallo, who led the research. Common bacterial species, known as staphylococci, which can cause inflammation when under the skin, are 'good bacteria' when on the surface, where they can reduce inflammation."

Comment Re:DIY, meet DEA (Score 1) 147

While Britain's police are generally paranoid, I've never had any problems with watered-down chemistry. I didn't take chemistry after age 16 (optional), but took physics instead, and we have no problem getting our hands on radioactive materials if we ask nicely, even if it's for out-of-class work (though it'd need to take place in the classroom). I guess I'm fortunate to go to a pretty old school that's been doing chemistry for donkey's years, and hence has fought off any attempt to water down its resources.


UK Government To Monitor All Internet Use 446

nk497 writes "The UK government has further detailed plans to track all communications — mobile phone calls, text messages, email and browser sessions — in the fight against terrorism, pedophiles and organized crime. The government said it's not looking to see what you're saying, just to whom and when and how. Contrary to previous plans to keep it all in a massive database, it will now let ISPs and telecoms firms store the data themselves, and access it when it feels it needs it." And to clarify this, Barence writes "The UK Government has dropped plans to create a massive database of all internet communications, following stern criticism from privacy advocates. Instead the Government wants ISPs and mobile phone companies to retain details of mobile phone calls, emails and internet sites visited. As with the original scheme, the actual content of the phone calls and messages won't be recorded, just the dates, duration and location/IP address of messages sent. The security services would then have to apply to the ISP or telecoms company to have the data released. The new proposals would also require ISPs to retain details of communications that originated in other countries but passed over the UK's network, such as instant messages."

Comment Re:Microsoft Begs Win 7 Testers To Clean Install (Score 2, Interesting) 420

I'd say just from a user experience point of view, it's easier to get things done on.

An example I always cite is the windows Control Panel. It's just a mess, because everything is a relic of older versions. Things like Font Smoothing could easily be moved under "Appearance" like ubuntu does.

It just seems infinitely better organised. Programs are organised by function, not company name. A lot of useful applications are pre-installed. CD Burners, editors, graphics software, office apps, etc.

Secondly applications are easier to install for 99% of apps "regular" users want. Add/Remove programs is very simple.

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