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Comment Re: Biggest archaeological event? (Score 1) 80

Yes, I kinda did.
To my understanding, archaeological importance is about what we can learn from the discovery. So first a disclaimer; I do not know how much man has learned from recovering the Monitor, and nobody knows at of this moment what we will learn from investigating this ship (finding it in itself is not that big a deal).
The Monitor (and the Virginia (ex Merrimack)) changed the way wars was fought at sea. Thus it is one of the most important historical objects of naval warfare. (although it had severe and crippling limitations)
And although I recognize Arctic expeditions as much as the next Norwegian (a friend of mine is of Amundsen descent); in those days ships sometimes perished without trace. Amundsen himself perished, and has not been found.
I'm not saying this discovery is unimportant, but not _that_ important.
(Anyway I agree with parent, dead sea scrolls beats this discovery hands down (and maybe Tutankhamen's tomb itself)

Comment So.. Nvidia don't use signed firmware? (Score 1) 76

come on, this is 2014? with your own chips and your own firmware and a s**tload of OEMs ready to pull this kind of trick, they should have used signed firmwares. So if somebody tried flashing with a firmware mod, the chip would reject the firmware. signing key never leaves Nvidia premises This stuff is easy, as long as you design your own chips and your own firmware.

Comment Re:Good for you! (Score 2) 314

vi is to computing what an 18-wheeler with an non-synchronised manual gearbox is to driving. Sure, there are case where you need it, but it is counter-intuitive and old-fashioned to anyone who has ever used a modern, end user tool. The problem with teaching vi is motivation. They're not just struggling with the concept of weird-sounding key shortcuts, they're struggling to understand why they need to learn such a tool when it is an apparently insanely difficult way to do something ANY editor has a standardised way of doing. And that "understanding" problem comes in the way of learning. So hold back on teaching vi until they are motivated to learn it (e.g when they need to change a config file over a terminal connection). Your comparison with variables is IMHO faulty - the concept of variables is much easier to understand, and it is much easier to be motivated to learn it. I learned my way around variables at 14, no sweat. At 20, (3 programming languages later) I was introduced to vi and but at 35 I still avoid using it unless I absolutely have to.

Comment Norwegian prices also up (Score 1) 81

but the adjustments don't follow a clear pattern from 6 to 7 NOK for cheapest apps, from 8 to 9 NOK for itunes songs, Apples own keynote, pages and numbers are up from 109 to 112(iPad) TomTom Europe is up 53% (!) to 840 NOK http://www.macstories.net/news/itunes-connect-maintenance-could-mean-apple-is-eventually-recalibrating-international-itunes-prices/ explains the previousprice differences

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