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Comment Re:Government has bad lawyers? (Score 1) 485

The fact is that Wikipedia has a super high resolution print quality and SVG image of the seal which could be used to manufacture fake credentials. This fact might explain why they are going after Wikipedia and not other places.

Maybe, but Britannica has a pretty high resolution version too...

Comment Re:anyone actually read the article ? (Score 5, Insightful) 332

Not quite, with the free support they didn't fix the issue - they took a year to tell him he'd broken the Terms of Service, and then no reply as to why. Even then, when trialling the paid-for support, they still managed to bill him when they shouldn't have.

As for not being news-worthy, how else can people highlight these kinds of issues?!

Comment Re:5 dollar patch (Score 5, Insightful) 466

What bothers me is the possibility that content is cut from the game specifically to sell, rather than being developed in addition to the game. It's important to bear in mind though that extra content can still be developed before the game is totally finished, programmers don't create most of the game content.

The fact that its on the game disk is irrelevant though. For example, when I buy Windows 7 Home Premium, that disk also contains Windows 7 Ultimate. I'm not given a key to unlock Ultimate, but I can buy a key from Microsoft to upgrade to it if I want to.

Comment Re:I recently needed to learn how to set a live tr (Score 0) 249

That's quite a flawed conclusion to come to. Sure, each individual inaccuracy may be corrected in a reasonable time. But you're completely ignoring that other inaccuracies may be added during that same time period.

You say Wikipedia is "more reliable than an average printed manual or guidebook where any mistakes couldn't have been corrected since I bought it" - a printed manual or guidebook doesn't have any extra mistakes added to it either, but Wikipedia certainly might have.


Submission + - Carnivorous Robots Feed On Flesh ( 1

Stopmotioncleaverman writes: New scientist is reporting on a new robot, developed by James Auger at London's Royal College of Art, which has the ability to feast on flesh for a source of power. Flies and mice are lured in and digested by an internal microbial fuel cell, which provides power for the robot. Currently, they still rely on mains power, but with larger fuel cells they could potentially run as standalone, carnivorous units. One wonders whether, should they be able to actively seek such pests in the future rather than rely on them coming to it, would they be eyeing up their own creators?

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