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Comment Computer tresspass laws applicable? (Score 1) 304

Ok, say an arrest has been made. The phone/device is confiscated and the officers are able to log in. Stored passwords also let them log into your facebook account, your email account and let's say your work computers via VPN/SSH. Once into the work computer, further searching of company records ensues. Let's even say that the officer sees some cool system and starts 'pushing buttons'. Does this qualify as computer trespass? My employer has authorized me to access these systems remotely, but not the officer. What if the officer took it upon themselves to download what he thought was evidence? Would that be theft of intellectual property? If said systems were damaged as a result and this were critical infrastructure, would the police department then be liable or the individual officer for taking it upon himself to 'search for evidence'?

Comment More prevalent != more geeky (Score 1) 623

Is someone feeling burned out? There is no glory in most jobs. It's just a job. As far as more pervasive technical culture - while more people can now troubleshoot the basics (drink holder not working, computer plugged in, etc.) there is still a need for your basic help desk type work. Joe Blow Sixpack won't be doing any advanced network administration, data recovery, web development, business process integration..... the list is long. Just because more people can now check email and browse the web and use basic software doesn't mean that out culture has advanced to the point where everyone is a geek. With the prevalence of Rockband, Guitar Hero...has the glory faded out of being a musician? I mean, I recall those early days when there seemed to be a groupie around every corner....

Comment Deploy Studio (Score 1) 460

Deploy Studio is the one being hailed currently as the latest thing. I've found it to be a very useful tool. With a reasonable server and a decent switch, you should have no problems deploying all those Macs. After ASR, CCC, NetRestore Helper - been there done that. Deploy Studio tops them all.

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