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Comment Google Smartphones Are Business Un-Friendly (Score 1) 129

Don't get me started on Google and their smartphones. As smartphones become more and more prevalent, Google has decided to release smartphones without true Activesync (Exchange) support. Here you can see that Activesync remains the 4th highest-requested feature on the Android operating system, since the issue was raised in November 2009: They don't need multi-touch screens, better media players, better menu layout: people need their freakin' business email and calendars. There has been no feedback, about this issue, and, according to the dev site above, the issue hasn't even been assigned. I know that most people here would legally wed Google if they could, but Google is ignoring the biggest smartphone market that this story seems to claim is so important. Further, to respond to the parent post, the NUMBER ONE issue with Google smartphones is that their voice-dialing sucks: This has been an UNASSIGNED enhancement request since November 2008!

Comment Re:I prefer complete independence, thanks (Score 1) 129

If you carry a personal phone with a camera in it into a business, you open yourself up to a world of trouble, if the business wants to get nasty. Maybe you didn't take a picture of the secret plans and send them out to all their competitors, but if you're serious about not opening yourself up to trouble, don't carry in a personal phone. I suppose it depends on your job...

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