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Comment Re:American Wage Slaves are an Even Better Value (Score 1) 1313

One of the funnier/sadder/shittier ways I've seen people fired in my state (yes, it's right to work) was when three people got to the key card exterior entrance door and their cards didn't work. Why? They had been fired on no notice, but the door that their now dead cards was at was next to the security station...

Comment Re:Security is only as good as its weakest link. (Score 1) 164

When I was in the USAF, (early 80's) we had a single airman on duty for 2 hours at a shot, but it was 24/7 coverage. We also had an airman designated as the "Dorm guard monitor" who did the scheduling. I'm pretty sure the "Latrine Queen" was thought of more highly than the Dorm guard monitor. I know when I was the DGM, I was on EVERYBODY'S shit list. If we had mandatory classes that day, day I had to "borrow" airmen from other flights to fill in, but of course was expected to repay the favor for them. When I got a schedule figured out finally, everyone was pulling their two hours about every 2.5 days or so, and I could stop worrying about a blanket party...

Comment Re:almost 100km (Score 1) 89

As someone that has spent some time in Europe, and being American in the land of Metric, I just found myself converting in my head, even though I was looking at say a speed limit of 120kph, I did the quick and dirty math of 62.5mph+13(ish)mph=75mph... not perfect, but close enough to be wary of tickets. With other household type measurements, it was a similar situation. A touch less than 4 liters made a gallon (3.7 as memory serves), so when I saw prices per liter, I'd just average that times 4, and have an idea of the prices in what I was used to.

I'm not saying, by ANY means that I'm some sort of math whiz, but I'm not sure the majority of Americans would put in the little bit of time it takes to work out these simple conversions if we were to go metric. I know I wouldn't mind a bit, even though in my head, I'd still be thinking of "75mph" instead of "120kph", lol.

Comment Re:i must be missing something (Score 2) 478

Your statement "at least they bought iPads, and kept the money here SOMEWHAT in America with Apple"... you DO understand that those fine iPads you're so proud of, are made in CHINA... right?

About the ONLY thing in your post that I DID agree with was "follow the money". That's ALWAYS been the first clue when you think something is wrong or nefarious. Who is coming out on top of a situation financially? Follow the money. It's not ALWAYS money, but something of value, be it money, power, items, etc. /rant

Comment How I switched to G+ and learned to love the bomb (Score 1) 165

About a week ago, I posted something like this on my FB wall.

"I have Google Plus now, and will invite anyone interested. When the people on my friends list I care to keep in touch with all have G+ accounts, I'm deleting my FB account."

I deleted it about 3 days later, as the people I cared about had G+, and fuck the rest. I don't see looking back to FB any time soon...

Comment Re:Better than facebook (Score 1) 1223

There's an Android app already, although it seems to work easier if you barcode scan the square instead of directing your browser to their link for the download. And yes, you can snap a shot and it uploads immediately, plus you have the option to geocache or not the pic.

Just got my invite last night from a friend, and I'm really liking it so far... Like I said in one of my first posts "if this works out as well as I'm hoping, I'm dropping FB like a diseased rat..."

Comment Re:It needs to be reopened, and spent fuel moved i (Score 1) 212

All fine, well, and good for those that this ISN'T going into their backyard... as a Nevada resident, I'm not real fucking happy over it. I'm hoping we can block it AGAIN, and they can figure out something ELSE to do with the shit. It's not like this is the only place on (or off) the planet we can put it...

Comment Fuck Sony (Score 1) 291

...yet another reason I have ZERO interest in purchasing a Sony product... and honestly, losing interest in having much of ANYTHING to do with consoles, other than what the industry deems antiques, like XBox, etc. Now, that being said, I MAY get interested in buying say an original PS1, or one of the huge PS2s, since Sony has no use for them, and you don't need to be online at all for you to get the "experience" you were paying for.

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