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Submission + - Old cars are getting ahead with new tech (

An anonymous reader writes: Historic car races might seem like the last place you’d find modern auto technology. The cars are lovingly restored to their full, authentic racing glory, and care is taken not to allow modern tweaks to improve their performance. Surprisingly, though, both the pits and the cars are crammed with modern technology to help drivers improve their performance. Long-term benefits from tech at the race track isn’t confined to racers, though. Researchers are hoping to use what they find by monitoring drivers’ bodies and brains, along with the cars, to build better and safer cars for all of us.

Comment Re:Cut military spending. (Score 1) 490

I'm not sure what you think the problem is. The Turks have operated a specialised reconnaissance version of the Phantom for years, and it probably will for years to come. Its a larger airframe, its got dedicated built in sensors, its slightly faster, it may be a more stable platform. Why do you think they should convert F-16's to do the job when they have an aircraft that does the job fine ? "Eight RF-4Es were delivered to Turkey. The were all new-build aircraft. Turkish RF-4Es were first delivered in November of 1978, equipping No. 113 Squadron at Eskisehir." Not all that old, actually. There is no dedicated reconnaissance version of the F-16 by the way, although some are sometimes fitted with external camera pods.

Comment A year in space ? (Score 1) 243

I thought the big thing about this vehicle was that it could go up and down more cheaply than traditional means. If its going to be left up there for a year, doesn't that defeat the object ? Perhaps its not operational yet, and this was just to prove that the production versions can operate for a long time.

Comment Re:WTFBT (Score 1) 128

I've just moved to the virgin 50mbit. No throttling that i can see, when downloading from newsgroups at least. Very nice and i got a Wireless N router and 2 months free into the bargin. Yes i know everyone gets that currently, i wasn't making out i got something special. Oh and i got the phone line moved to them as well, which was seamless.

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