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Submission + - The Heat Is On: Climate Change Causes Birds To Hatch Early (

grrlscientist writes: A recently published study reveals that climate change can cause birds’ eggs to hatch early. In addition to creating warmer temperatures that trigger early embryonic development in birds, climate change also increases the frequency and duration of heat waves. Thus, warming temperatures are leading to asynchronous hatching of individual eggs within a clutch and increased chick mortality, particularly for birds breeding in the tropics and semi-tropics, and in tropical deserts.

Submission + - FFmpeg 3.0 released, with Common Encryption (CENC) support (

AmiMoJo writes: FFmpeg 3.0 includes support for decoding and encoding Common Encryption (CENC) MP4 files, support for decoding DXV streams, an ADPCM PSX decoder, and support for decoding Screenpresso SPV1 streams. Other awesome new features include a wve demuxer, an ADPCM AICA decoder, an SDX2 DPCM decoder, XMA1 and XMA2 decoder, a Cineform HD decoder, an IVR demuxer, a chromaprint fingerprinting muxer, VAAPI VP9 hwaccel, and an nnedi deinterlacer. The native AAC encoder has received some great improvements, the ffplay dynamic volume control has been implemented, along with zero-copy Intel QSV transcoding, and there's now support for encoding 16-bit RLE SGI images.

Bonus points for anyone who can decode all those acronyms.

Submission + - Sweden reveals plan to go 'carbon neutral' by 2045 (

AmiMoJo writes: A proposal from the Swedish parliamentary committee responsible for environmental policy has set out how the country can go "carbon neutral" within 30 years. The country says it could cut domestic emissions by at least 85 per cent from 1990 levels and offset the remaining 15 per cent by investing in projects to cut carbon emissions abroad. The new plan would speed up Sweden's previous pledge to have no net emissions of greenhouse gases by 2050. Deputy prime minister Asa Romson said "We actually have all the technology we need to be 100 per cent free of fossil fuels," she said. "What we do not have is a market for it. We do not have an economy that can do it, so far." Last year Sweden edged out competitors Switzerland and Norway to be named the most sustainable country in the world.

Submission + - The Death of Slashdot. Long Live Slashdot? 27

wjcofkc writes: I have been an almost daily active member of this community since September 1997. Most of those days I visit many times. I've seen Slashdot's ups and downs, it's triumphs and epic missteps. If you are not posting AC, I recognize you by your handle and can often recall your previous posts. I can tell when you signed up over the last eighteen years by your ID (disclaimer: I once had a three digit id but didn't post for a long time). This place has a personality, even a personhood made up of it's members and there is nothing else quite like it. Alas, nothing last forever, especially on the internet, and Slashdot already stands out as having existing for an unusually long time. When Dice purchased Slashdot I was very leery about it's future. As it turns out, while Dice added elements we did not want, they did not outright take away anything that makes this place what it is, such as the editorial staff. When a company purchases a company or part of a company they do so in order that they might use those assets to generate revenue. For whatever reason, Dice could not work this out in a meaningful enough way and so now we have new overlords. This means the new management does think they can squeeze a worthy chunk of change out of SlashdotMedia. But at what cost to us? It seems likely that the Slashdot component of SlashdotMedia has never generated any stable and meaningful revenue stream, at least not from a strictly capitalist standpoint. Correct me if I am wrong. The new management has made such very poor decisions and moves to try and make it so, that for the first time I really truly believe we are seeing the end of Slashdot. On day one of the acquisition, the entire editorial staff except for Timothy was let go. Now, whether he quit or was fired, he is gone too. Now today, we have seen a paid post converted into a regular story. A paid post by itself doesn't generate much without clicks, and no one here is clicking on paid posts, so the solution seems to be to make paid posts look like real stories to generate clicks. This is disastrous. I can see paid posts under the veil of real stories coming to dominate this site. When all else fails, this place will be shut down without warning. One day, likely soon, you will wake up, head to Slashdot, and it won't be here. If there is anything under the domain, it will still not be Slashdot. So is it possible to survive this as a community and build something new that serves as the old? I don't have an answer, only that question. If nothing can be done to preserve and continue what we have here, we may as well say our goodbyes while we still can.

Comment Re:RF placebo? (Score 1) 319

What they really mean is that there was a control group exposed to nothing.
Not quite, what it really means is that while both groups were put in the same apparatus with the RF antenna, for one group the antenna was turned on, for the other off, without the subjects knowledge. That's why it's called a placebo, or in the words of tfa "sham exposure": it looks like you are geting radiation while actually getting nothing.
A true control would be a third group that doesn't get stuck in the RF apparatus at all.


Frank writes: "01 March 2007

A New York man reportedly wanted dead by the powerful NYC Mafia for allegedly bilking them out of $400,000 on a failed joint business venture has created an internet blog, detailing his life on the run.

The man, under the assumed name 'Frank', claims to have been on the run since late November after been savagely attacked by Mafia enforcers after failing to make a repayment. Amazingly, he isn't under police protection or the federal Witness Protection Program, and is going it alone, vowing to raise the cash he owes to pay off the Mafia, stating: "I realize what I am doing will, to most people, seem crazy, but I have many good reasons for going this route, including legal reasons and family reasons which people can read about in more detail on my blog, including the full background story to this nightmare. I'm sure I can get myself out of this mess, I just need time."

But time is limited and running out. Despite Frank's determination to come up with the money against all odds, he is well aware that given the scale of the manhunt the Mafia have launched to find him, that he could be found at any time — particularly as he freely admits on his blog that he remains in New York City. He has therefore given himself a limit which he feels still leaves him with a fighting chance: "while the heat is on me like this they will find me, sooner or later. I have, therefore, given myself a deadline of 90 days to come up with enough money to catch up with repayments and to continue to pay these people back, providing the vig (Mafia interest) by this time isn't so far out of my reach."

The mob's intentions to impose a severe penalty should they not recover their money were made abundantly clear at a chilling meeting with several Mafia members when one warned: 'I swear to God, unless we get our money, and fast, you are a dead man walking.'

Frank — who now carries a gun with him for protection at all times — explains: "That is where I got the name for the website from, and my address which is", adding: "This is not a pastime for me, this is serious. My life right now is consumed entirely by doing everything in my power to generate enough money so I can begin paying them off. I was able to utilize my past experience as a webpage designer to create my blog and I'm generating the revenue through advertising, merchandising and any other avenues I can come up with."

'Dead Man Walking' — the title of Franks blog — is predicted to take the blogging world by storm, gathering ever-growing interest not only from regular readers, but also attracting interest from federal law enforcement, who are said to be collating information to try and launch further investigations into the matter. One New York law enforcement official looking into the matter, who wished to remain anonymous, whom has visited the Dead Man Walking website and is used to working against so-called 'wiseguys' has called the man's actions 'Quite literally, suicide' and said if the Mafia do find him, and it is very probable they will, that it is highly unlikely that they will hesitate in carrying out their deadly threats and has urged the man to seek protection of law enforcement immediately.

##### ENDS


'Frank' — who has been on the run since November 27th 2006 — is an ex-webpage designer and programmer from New York who started up a luxury car rental company in early 2005. By early 2006 the business had attracted the attention of the Mafia who unbeknownst to 'Frank' were behind a long-running campaign of sabotage on his fleet of cars in order to make him desperate to reach out for help. In March, 2006, the perfect opening they had been trying to engineer presented itself and they seized upon this, offering themselves as a 'security company' and they also became partners by injected money into the business and sourcing repairs to an auto-repair shop run by them. Frank was unaware of who they were as he was dealing with only one person (who he is yet to name), and by the time he had figured out who they were it was way too late.

The car rental company inevitably collapsed because of the greedy and illicit activities of the Mafia to try and suck money out of the business any way they could. They then demanded their money back and broke Franks arm when he missed two consecutive payments, which is the time he went on the run.

Visitors to Franks blog ( can expect to see his regular blog entries, the full background story in his own words which explains his very complicated situation, as well as a merchandise store and more. Also on the blog is the ominous 90 day countdown timer he has placed on the site as an ever-present reminder both to readers and himself of the looming deadline.

For enquiries and more information contact:"

Submission + - Help the ecosystem - Support the product!

TheViciousOverWind writes: "Under the term "Greenware" just launched their new search application. The program itself is free, but you can donate or subscribe on the website. Half of the money is for putting bread on the programmers table, the other half will be used to plant trees (one tree per $1 through the ReLeaf Project). — The program itself is very extendable, and, in under a minute, you can write a plugin to do your own searches using your own searchengine.

The author explains on the website why he came up with the term "Greenware": "After having spend 6 months programming Transfz, as well as writing bad HTML/CSS and help files, I re-remembered that the development of the information technology we use daily has only come to see the light due to a functional biosphere. Even more importantly; unless the biosphere stays functional we can't even keep using the technology we have developed."

Will we see more of this kind of "Supporting the ecosystem" software in the future?"

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