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Submission + - 30 Days with Windows Vista

fatgadget writes: Its exactly 30 days since I installed Vista on my PC, I have to say I was a little nervous about doing it at first. I downloaded the Microsoft Vista Upgrade Advisor and ran it, everything seemed to go ok and the report showed only a few minor software issues, so I decided to go for it. I scoured the web for information on Vista after reading many articles and tips I decided to buy Vista Home Premium 32 Bit edition, I managed to get myself an OEM copy from Microdirect for about £74 including the VAT & Delivery. It arrived the next day, I had already backed up all my data, so I decided to do a clean install, I booted my PC, ran the interactive setup, formatted the PC's hard drive and began the install. It took about 30 minutes, I rebooted and was ready for the usual problems that you get with a fresh install of XP, I have to say I was more than a little surprised, all my hardware was there and everything seemed ok. Here's the spec of my PC, nothing spectacular:- Read the full story at www.gadgettastic.com
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Submission + - UK Government Comments on OpenDocument

Stocktonian writes: "The Prime Minister's Office has issued a response to a petition asking the government to promote the use of the Open Document Format within the UK government. Quote from the response "The UK Government champions open standards and interoperability through its e Government Interoperability Framework (eGIF). Where possible the Government only uses products for interoperability that support open standards and specifications in all future IT developments.""

Submission + - "First" OpenOffice virus emerges

NZheretic writes: "According to APCmag the "First" cross platform OpenOffice.org virus "SB/Badbunny-A" has been emailed directly to Sophos from the virus developers. It has not yet been seen in the wild.

Despite Sun's OpenOffice.org developer Malte Timmermann's claims to the contrary this kind of embedded scripting attack represents a real threat to OpenOffice.org users.

Back in June 2000 when Sun first announced the open sourcing of OpenOffice.org the twelfth email to the open discussion list put forward a two part solution for to provide OpenOffice users with Safe(r) Scripting using restricted mode execution by default and access by signed digital certificates. In October 2000 the issue of treating security as an "add-on" feature rather than a "system property" was again raised. Is it time to now introduce such measures to the OpenOffice.org Core to greatly reduce any future risk from scripted infections?"

Submission + - Linux tool identifies software "hotness"

An anonymous reader writes: "Computer Science researchers at Virginia Tech have set their sights on determining software "hotness". In 2006, Prof. Kirk W. Cameron, director of the SCAPE Laboratory and an Associate Professor at VT, began a project to determine just how much heat software produces. Prof. Cameron and student Hari K. Pyla designed a software tool called Tempest (for Temperature Estimator) that creates a thermal profile of an application and correlates temperatures obtained from thermal sensors in the system to source code."

Read more at: http://www.cs.vt.edu/whatsnews/how_hot_is_your_cod e__2.html
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Submission + - How many Slashdotters does it take to screw MS?

An anonymous reader writes: How many Slashdotters would actually buy Linux pre-installed on a desktop or laptop? Let's assume the price is comparable to Dell or a few $ cheaper and all or almost all the hardware is 100% supported by at least one distro. Out there in the real world away from noisy forums, would you really cough up the money? Or would you just go and buy the parts and download it yourself?

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