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Journal Journal: Abusing the privlege

OK, no real journal to see here. Just using the space to plug my website: I post semi-daily weblog entries, video game reviews, among other stuff. Lately I started combining the two, leading to ongoing diaries for games like Animal Crossing, Pokemon Sapphire and Pokemon LeafGreen.

I also run several minisites that may be of interest...

  • Mappyland is devoted to Namco's all-but-forgotten classic arcade game, Mappy. The site contains the expected screenshots and strategies, and also Mappy cameos in other games and pics of glorious and bizarre Mappy merchandise.
  • Ambush Bug Archive is a cover gallery and resource for Ambush Bug, an occasional DC Comics character. If you have to ask, you aren't a fan.

I have designed three card games and made them available for free download. In all cases, you just have to print out the cards and start playing. They are:

  • Mitchell: the Card Game is very simple, pretty much an Uno rip. Based on one of the best Mystery Science Theater 3000 episodes ever. The catch is that Mitchell himself is "investigating" you in his boozy but loveable fashion, and no player can win if Mitchell is in front of them.
  • Red Dwarf: the Card Game is based on the sci-fi britcom. In it, you collect points by getting the show's cast to do stuff to keep from going space crazy. My first card game design effort, so it is a little rough around the edges.
  • TaleSpin: the Card Game is my latest and greatest effort. Based on the early '90s Disney cartoon, you must fly around Cape Suzette delivering cargo in a strategic bluffing game. Along the way, you'll dogfight opponents to try to wreck their cargo. It's pretty damn cool.

So check it out. Enjoy. Write if you care to.

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