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Comment Re:How smart does a chimp have to be? (Score 2) 341

We coming up with new way to disqualify intelligent beings as persons. - They don't make tools (they do) - they don't make tools to make tools (they do) - They don't have language (they do) - they are not altruistic (they could be) How about just: Some may say they are not persons because they have no Souls unlike humans.

Comment Re:Agree with court (Score 1) 341

Whether Humans value liberty over food is debatable. Plenty of humans would rather be a slave then to starve. Most humans are willing to give up their liberties for food, water and safety. For example TSA or NSA. And just look at all of the enslaving regimes... By the way wolfs would value liberty over food (unlike dogs).

Comment Ukrainian AA defense rockets went missing a while (Score 1) 498

Timoshenko is from Lviv Mafia. Yanukovich was from Donetsk mafia. In the current Ukrainian government there are 2 mafia Oligarchs. Couple of years ago Ukraine sold Kiev AA defense rockets to Georgia, leaving Kiev without AA defenses. Ukrainian military thought they just went missing. I am sure nothing like that will happen to their Nukes - right?

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