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Comment Re:GM producers are shooting themselves in the foo (Score 1) 514

You could make that case to mandate all kinds of irrelevant information be included on product labels. If the GMO product is nutritionally identical to the non-GMO, the only reason to differentiate them via labeling would be to suggest that there is a substantive difference between the two products, which is false.

Now you could certainly make that case for, for example, a crop that was modified to be pesticide resistant. The fact that the product may contain traces of a pesticide is relevant information.

Comment Re:Oh, I totally agree... (Score 1) 791

I've been fortunate enough to not have broken the micro-USB port on my Android phones, but I can see how easy is for one errant push of the plug to snap that little plastic guide piece. As a new iPhone owner, I am glad to be without that risk (however marginal) behind.

I'd love to see Apple use a standard connector so I don't have to pay $40 for a second/replacement cable that probably costs a penny to manufacture. That's not the Apple way, though, and in this case they have the superior design.

Comment Re:Caution: website makes your info public (Score 1) 78

For me, the unsolicited job leads from LinkedIn are obviously targeted, but poorly. I've got 12+ years of progressively senior embedded programming + mobile programming experience listed, and I recently (~3 yrs) transitioned up the chain into management. What do 95% of my LinkedIn job inquiries look like?

"I noticed you have MOBILE development in your background. We are looking to fill the position of THIRD JUNIOR DEVELOPER FROM THE LEFT - ANDROID OS. I would love to chat with you about this amazing opportunity!"

Next to useless, really.

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