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Comment Re:Circles (Score 1) 390

True. And I also thought that half of the RIAA's arguments were that when you bought a CD, you were buying a "license" to use that CD and that you didn't actually own the music on it anyway... or was that what Microsoft was saying about software? Something like that, anyway.

So do we own it, or do we not?

Comment Re:FTFA: 2000 bugs fixed (Score 1) 394

Don't get me wrong, I've used SuSE 8.0/8.1/9.0, Slackware 10, Fedora 4/6/8/9 and now Fedora 10 and I have no designs of creating a "Windows" box. But there is functionality that I'm denied because of that choice, and I wish there wasn't. Yes, it's the hardware companies' fault, but that doesn't mean there isn't a problem. And it doesn't mean that Windows doesn't do it better (in general).

Comment Re:FTFA: 2000 bugs fixed (Score 5, Interesting) 394

I only wish Linux had numbers like this. For all the hours I've spent building ndiswrapper or ATI display drivers on any number of boxes... I don't even have that much weird hardware, but Linux printing support is way behind, 3D display is way behind, sound support is sometimes flawless and sometimes nonexistent.

Not that I'm about to use Windows, but it would be nice.

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