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Comment Re:er wat (Score 1) 229

ok, we aren't freaking stupid here, and it seems like a deacent question if more than one person was thinking it. We know what FREE means but how are we, the users, going to get this FREE game. Are they going to show up at out house with the CD and pass it out to every one in our house hold, or are they going to release it though a client like Steam or just a click here for your free mechwarrior4 game!

Comment Re:Woo-hoo (Score 1) 229

"I used to love the Mechwarrior games, partially because the complexity made it feel like you really were in command of a huge lump of metal." Last time I went to Chucky Cheese, with a few friends (before they made the rule that u had to be over 18 and accompanied by childred). They had Mech warrior 3 (I believe it was that one) where u sat down in the chair, strapped in, and had 2 joy sticks. Also the chair raised up and moved accordingly to how u moved your mech and if u were dmged or not! It was pretty freakin sweet.

Comment Re:Do what you like as long as you can.... (Score 1) 592

Wow, im sitting ay my Tech internship atm, and i have been looking up Asset#'s for the last 3 days now in the Active Directory. Im a senior at my college and have been around computers since i was five. I will be graduating with a major in Computer Tech/ Industrial Tech with a minor in business management. I have always wanted to be an aquatic archeologist(or something along those lines), like looking at sunken ships and stuff of that sort. But by reading this i believe after i graduate, settle down with a nice job, maybe a family maybe not, i will go back to college and get me a new degree. its funny how being bored at work has just changed the rest of my life. Thanks /. and thanks Eskarel(565631)!

Comment Re:The main reason games don't have obscene conten (Score 1) 229

Doesn't censoring stuff from kids usually spark and even more interest in it? Because when i was growing up when ever i couldnt "do" or "see" something i have always wondered, "Why?". And then just got on the internet and found out for my self, and then got into toruble. Would i have gotten into trouble if my parents just told me in the first place? p.s. I think we all know the answer to that.

Comment Re:Importing characters from earlier games (Score 2, Interesting) 241

You ever try playing WoW? i was what they call a Pre-BC raider, or I started playing the First WoW game before the 2 expansions came out. When i hit 60 and got my "God like powers" it was fun. then the first expansion came out. I was lvl 60 and had to hit 70. My "God like powers" only helped me out so much. I still felt pretty helpless with it came to fighting new monsters that were my level or above. So all in all Blizzard did a nice job of making me feel like i needed to hit 70 inorder to gain my "God like powers" back. Same with the newest expansion.

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