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Comment Re:Redundant (Score 1) 169

It does and it doesn't.

I wonder how long you could get an old school Nokia phone (thing monochrome display with only characters) to last these days if you replaced the battery with the exact same weight of current battery technology.

Or, take one of the earlier (say 80286) laptops and do the same.

On the one hand, you are right - as battery technology has improved, we've only increased how much power these devices use. On the other hand, these devices are infinitely more useful than what we had back then and the tradeoff is certainly worthwhile.

Comment Re:Was this meant to inspire outrage? (Score 1) 42

If you read the summary this seems to be more related to trademarks than it is to patents.

These seems to be mostly to do with a corps ability to plan marketing material for a product before launching it and still having it be a surprise. Seems reasonable to me, especially for things such as 'Siri' or 'Apple Watch'. Makes things a bit more concrete in a legal sense as well since you don't have some trademark argument in the event somebody tries to swoop in and take it - you haven't registered your intent months before in the other jurisdiction. In the meantime you get your product ready to ship and send it out the door. You get your marketing surprise with your fancy reveal. In the event somebody leaks it you don't have to worry about rushing off to file it.

Seems almost like this should be built into the trademark filing process - the ability to register intent to use a mark and keep it secret for some amount of time (say 3 months or 6 months).

Comment Re: Y'all know what you need to do (Score 1) 212

On the other hand, it probably doesn't look good from a legal perspective if you signed a contract with your content providers to stop people from watching from other regions, and then you didn't do due diligence to enforce it, had you agreed to do that.

I was hopeful that Netflix wouldn't really work that hard to enforce this, but it seems that they have. If they are being contractually compelled to do this, and they have agreed to enforce it, then it would be a bad idea to not really do it.

It is likely better for their business to make the content available to all the folks in the US who are within the allowable region and block others, than to not have the content at all and lose all of the US subscribers.

Comment Re:Nexus 4 had it (Score 1) 204

My digitizer did stop working... a while after the screen cracked a little bit I got a new phone and wasn't as careful with guarding the old phone from the little one. The LCD display still works great but the digitizer stopped working.

Not sure I would consider that LG's fault though.

Comment Re:"Your connection is not secure" (Score 1) 80

Looks like they erroneously added www. to the front. They have a wildcard cert for * but the does not match (wildcards only go one level in domain certs). If you remove the www. from the beginning of the link it works fine. Might explain why it works on the other person's phone as well - mobile version might link differently.

Comment What are they doing with the milk? (Score 1) 258

The summary says: "As for whether or not this method will make its way to store shelves, it won't in the near future." This indicates that milk treated using this process is not available on store shelves. But then the summary says: "The product is currently being distributed." So I'm curious as to who they are distributing this milk to and what is being done with it?

Comment Re: Not really. Javascript breaks production (Score 2) 90

What can happen is including npm install as part of your deployment process. Depending on how tightly you specify your dependencies this could result in packages getting updated to versions that have not been tested with your code by simply redeploying (or maybe somebody has put this in as part of the flex up process, so you end up with new app servers with slightly different code than older app servers.

There are many ways to solve this, but it can get overlooked until you get bitten in the ass and deploy code that isn't what you thought you were because some package dev somewhere released a package upgrade.

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