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Comment Re:"Your connection is not secure" (Score 1) 80

Looks like they erroneously added www. to the front. They have a wildcard cert for * but the does not match (wildcards only go one level in domain certs). If you remove the www. from the beginning of the link it works fine. Might explain why it works on the other person's phone as well - mobile version might link differently.

Comment What are they doing with the milk? (Score 1) 258

The summary says: "As for whether or not this method will make its way to store shelves, it won't in the near future." This indicates that milk treated using this process is not available on store shelves. But then the summary says: "The product is currently being distributed." So I'm curious as to who they are distributing this milk to and what is being done with it?

Comment Re: Not really. Javascript breaks production (Score 2) 90

What can happen is including npm install as part of your deployment process. Depending on how tightly you specify your dependencies this could result in packages getting updated to versions that have not been tested with your code by simply redeploying (or maybe somebody has put this in as part of the flex up process, so you end up with new app servers with slightly different code than older app servers.

There are many ways to solve this, but it can get overlooked until you get bitten in the ass and deploy code that isn't what you thought you were because some package dev somewhere released a package upgrade.

Comment Re:Efficiency (Score 4, Insightful) 245

Ah, I didn't look that closely to see that. On the other hand, I still wouldn't consider them 'astoundingly efficient' as the headline claims. This article discusses a design for a 97.09% efficient inverter. (I admit at this point I'm beginning to be argumentative, but I still think the headline should have been astoundingly dense inverters, though my theory is that slashdot injects in intentional errors to drive comments and traffics from those who like to nitpick submissions).

Comment Re:Efficiency (Score 2) 245

Yeah... from the website:


An open competition to build a (much) smaller power inverter, with a $1,000,000 prize.

Design and build a kW-scale inverter with the highest power density (at least 50 Watts per cubic inch).

Efficiency is not mentioned anywhere. I see somebody arguing that efficient with space is still being efficient. This is true, but is not what is commonly meant when referring to the efficient of an inverter, and misusing the word in this context is confusing.

Comment Re: Not worth it (Score 1) 354

Because in 2016 I expect to be able to close my laptop lid when I feel like it and reopen it and continue working. Is that an unreasonable expectation? It actually worked pre El Capitan, now it doesn't. Seems to be a bug in handling whatever VMWare Fusion is doing.

I guess updates in general are dangerous these days.

Comment Re:"scrapes"? (Score 3, Informative) 138

IMO they are different things. Copying might mean that an employee of the shop downloaded designs from thingiverse and listed them for sale on ebay. Steals or infringes is pretty vague in terms of is actually happening.

It seems reasonable for the author to assume that the audience of this site knows what scraping is, and it is a more precise word for what happened than copying, stealing or infringing. Scraping implies a scripted, automated effort with little human intervention past the point of building the script. There is no selection in terms of, 'hey, this looks neat - I'm going to sell those'; it is a complete replication of a catalogue without intervention.

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