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Comment Re:Backwards (Score 1, Troll) 853

How are you any better? You are simply repeating the Obama and Democratic talking points

Actually I did no such thing. You have a political agenda and you want to see the Obama bogey man everywhere so you do.

- About 10% of the American population consists of people like me - we are wealthy enough to buy insurance, but we voluntarily choose NOT to buy insurance.

Ok, so this tells me three things.

1) You are, or think you are, rich. You like things the way they are and will go through any contortions to convince yourself and others to keep them that way. In short, you are just acting out of your own self-interest.

2) You have never had a major illness. If you think 10% of Americans can absorb the cost you are frankly delusional or completely unacquainted with what the uninsured are charged. Go ahead, risk a kidney transplant. Maybe you can afford it and the 80k a year (for the rest of your life because you will never get insurance again) you'll need for ongoing drugs.

3) You have no idea what the top 10% can afford. If you were serious you would admit that maybe the top 2 of people could risk this. Peope, even those making 100k+ per year would be out of their freaking minds not to get insurance.

And then there's the many people that checked "I'm not insured" on the Census mail-in poll, but in reality they are insured - by Medicaid or SCHIP or SSI. About 20%.

Oh, the very scientific "many people" on which your statistic are based. Right. How could anyone doubt that?

And, of course, you fully supported SCHIP, SSI and Medicaid. You're just that kind of caring guy. So why not just transfer those funds into a public option then? Harder to nickle and dime and screw people in committee in the future, eh?

Why do you want to ignore their opinion - do you not believe in democracy?

Fine. Let's have a special election next month on health care - yes or no. What? What? Oh, you shut up pretty quick didn't you?

Like Grandma Pelosi who called us "unAmerican" because we dared to speak up at townmeetings.

Actually you just looked like a bunch of jack asses. Please, speak out more.

Ok, I can see you have your little no-nothing friends modding me down so good luck living your "rich" life. Don't forget to add in the costs of private protection for your family. Since you want to live in a Mexico City society you;ll have to try and survive in such a society.

Comment Re:Backwards (Score 1) 853

Your paragraph means NOTHING next to actual statistics.

What are you, the comic relief?

You might want to meditate on the meaning of "actual". Because it is has nothing to do with the bullshit the OP is peddling.

If you would rather believe some number that an interest group or the media makes up rather than the evidence right before your eyes then go right ahead. But, for god's sake, drop the pretense of being learned.

Comment Re:Backwards (Score 1, Troll) 853

Maybe YOU should take a look at the 16% who don't have health insurance

People like you just piss me off. You read some right wing horse shit and go around spouting it as if you actually know something. Ten bucks says you couldn't spell health insurance two months ago and now you are a self-proclaimed expert with deep insights.

You want to know how I know you are full of shit? Because I occasionally get my ass out from behind a computer screen and actually meet and talk to people. It's really not that hard - it just takes a personality and a bit of heart - and they will talk to you. Go to any shit ass business, and there are hundreds of them w/i a couple of square miles of where you stand, and ask people about their health insurance. Or lack of it. And realize what a stupid, self-absorbed blow hole you have been.

Two years ago my cousin died of cancer because of no insurance. Yeah, he made the mistake of turning 50 years old and at the first opportunity his Fortune 500 company found a way to dump him. Bye bye insurance. Hello shitty, low paying, insurance-you-must-be-joking jobs. All that "care" he was suppose to get? Yeah, good luck getting medicare in his state if you aren't living in a box on the street. All that "hospitals have to help you" shit? Good fucking luck as they shuffle you around and the paper work always seems to get lost until, surprise, surprise - you are dead.

I'm sorry but fuck you and all your health care FUD.

Comment Re:Why didn't this happen sooner? (Score 1) 408

You can't allow mule headed stubbornness to defeat the law.

Right. It's not as if the law has anything to do with justice. It's all about the State, or one asshole judge, imposing its will.

And if the law is totally whacked - say forcing men who have been proven via DNA not to be fathers pay child support - too bad. That's the price of "social stability".

Fuck that.

Comment Re:Not a tax scam (Score 4, Insightful) 1505

But... they won't want.

They won't move for reasons I haven't seen mentioned yet. They tend to like things like reliable infrastructures, relatively fair legal systems, etc. And the most important thing of all - the protection of the United States and its military. When country X decides to nationalize their factories and imprison their executives, I'm guessing that knowing the Cayman Islands stands ready to retaliate will be small comfort.

Comment Re:Republicans are typically pro-American (Score 3, Insightful) 574

Outsourcing was BIG under the Clinton administration.

You are right about Clinton. The jury is still out on Obama.

Let's remember that Clinton was THE poster boy for the Democratic Leadership Council, the corporate propaganda outlet of the Democratic Party. This group is largely responsible for there being no real difference between parties when it comes corporate influence on policy and legislation. They wanted to get a piece of the corporate gravy train and they sold their souls to get it.

The future? Well, did you discern any difference between the number of private corporate parties given at the Democratic versus Republican conventions? I didn't. Do we think that $175 million of largely corporate money for the inauguration will be free? Regardless of much integrity Obama may have, it is hard to ignore that kind of pressure. Telecom immunity, anyone?

Comment Re:the third parties are running idiots too..... (Score 1) 1171

With this vote, Obama seems to support greater government accountability.

I'm sorry but you are wrong. The so-called protections in the recent legislation are a joke. Frankly FISA itself was pretty much a joke in that something like 5 warrants were denied in 30+ years. This current legislation is so bad it made people fight to the end just to keep that old lame level of protection. Don't drink the Washington and MSM kool-aid. It is time to accept that there are now effectively no protections or limits to government power in this area.

Unless you think Obama is an idiot, he did not vote for accountability. Depending on your point of view he either made a smart political calculation or cynically pissed on your rights during his ride to the White House.

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