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Journal Journal: Sweet Jeezus.

This Mac Pro rocks. 2.66 GHz X 4 Xeon. I never thought I'd see the day when I had more processing power than I need for Logic Pro.

User Journal

Journal Journal: Rogers 60 GB cap starts today for me

As of today the Rogers 61440 MB monthly transfer limit comes into effect.

Last month by trying really hard I managed to get my combined upload/download to 64,421 MB just to see how likely it would be. To be fair, Darryl moved out on Feb. 28, and I had gotten him addicted to his torrents, but I tried to pick up the slack with heavy uploading (usually capped at 35 kB/Sec) after he left.

Plus early March saw the addition of a VOiP phone ( to my home LAN, which will probably add a bit of traffic.

The statistics look like this:

Feb 14/04-Mar 13/05
15,733 down
48,658 up
64,421 total ********* over

Jan 14/05-Feb 13/05
16,379 down
18,483 up
34,862 total

Dec 14/04-Jan 13/05
37,636 down
51,364 up
89,000 total ********* over

Nov 14/04-Dec 13/04
18,260 down
10,986 up
29,246 total

Rogers will begin enforcing the cap for my next usage period, from March 14-Feb. 13. The first violation will cause Roges to contact me and warn me. The second violation will cause my internet service to be disconnected until I phone in and promise that I will not go over the limit again. If I violate a third time in a year Rogers will disconnect my internet, permanently (or a year, or something like that).

Starting today I will have to go easy on the torrents!

Journal Journal: Did I mod this wrong?

I moderated this comment "redundant".

I did it because of this comment in the same article.

Unfortunately in M2 it was said that my moderation was unfair.

Looked to me like the poster accidentally posted twice -- once as html and the other as pure text.

Some people think that it is unfair to the poster to moderate something this way because it was just an accident, and a negative mod will impact the user's karma. But moderation is not a reward/punishment system, it's just a way of scoring comments. That comment was redundant in the most literal way. I modded it down so that it wouldn't spawn a new thread of responses. Kudos to the author for sharing an in-depth solution, but nobody needs to read it twice. FWIW if I remember correctly, I also modded his original comment up.


Journal Journal: Great source of chill music: Soma FM

Well I have been listening to a number of their stations for a while thanks to the iTunes radio, but SomaFM hosts more than I knew about, and so far I think they're all that great kind of stuff you want to come home and chill to.

Any other suggestions for this type of "chill-out" (ambient, trip-hop, acid jazz, idm etc.) station are welcome!

Journal Journal: Got mod points? 2

If so, could you please fix this injustice with at least an "underrated"........ my post was not offtopic, becaus the G5 enclosure is mentioned in the headline!


Comment Moderation
sent by Slashdot Message System on Saturday December 13, @07:05PM

G5 Design - noise? practicality? , posted to iTMS Named Fortune's Product Of The Year , has been moderated Offtopic (-1).

It is currently scored Offtopic (0).

G5 Design - noise? practicality? , posted to iTMS Named Fortune's Product Of The Year , has been moderated Interesting (+1).

It is currently scored Interesting (1).

G5 Design - noise? practicality? , posted to iTMS Named Fortune's Product Of The Year , has been moderated Offtopic (-1).

It is currently scored Offtopic (0).

Journal Journal: Messages

Noticing that metamoderation results no longer seem to appear in my (web-based) messages. Bug?

Journal Journal: Effects of negative M2?

I have probably moderated about 100 comments in my Slashdot career so far, and as of today, two have been marked as "unfair" in meta-moderation.

How does this affect my eligibility to moderate in the future? I've checked the FAQ pages and nothing seems to address this.


Journal Journal: Afterglow web site

Really badly need pics from Om, Teknival and WEMF for the Afterglow web site. Ethan sent me some and they're a little limited. Post a reply to this if you have any, and include a URL I can scoop 'em from.

Alternatively send a comment from the 'contact us' page at


Journal Journal: This sucks.

It's hard to find time to be creative or productive when your soulmate hates you. Even when she's not around, it's hard to even function. I feel so uninspired.

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Journal Journal: Logic Audio upgrade progress

Have Logic 2.5, legally.

Obtained Logic 4, illegally.

Upgrading to Logic 5, legally (<3.5 to 5) ... I hope Emagic doesn't mind I briefly fell off the wagon :)

Gotta clean shit up off the HD. I think I now have 5 OS's on the G4, gotta bring it down to 2: 9.2.x and 10.2.x.

Still can't use Logic X because my Audiowerk card is not yet supported under Core Audio. When will we see that, Emagic?

What kind of learning curve am I going to have to face here? Gotta go back to my folks' place, grab the binder from the 2.x manual and update it to the 4.x version that came with the upgrade. Boo emagic for not redoing the whole thing... $500 Cdn is not chump change, and I believe I deserve a modern manual rather than a 2-year old one with an addendum.

It's a pain in the ass trying to upgrade your primary studio software when you have projects on the go. I wish I could find a few hours to really sink my teeth into this.

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