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Comment Re:Two can play at this game (Score 1) 638

"the real time when USA was actually a real economic power, when people truly had individual liberties was not any time past WWII, it was the time from the 1870 to 1913"

False. The USA was, relative to the rest of the world, at its economic power peak in the years immediately following WW2.

Economic liberties, on the other hand....

Comment Re:Drones strikes are great... (Score 1) 429

I listen, regularly, to fairly ideologically driven media (e.g. Democracy Now!)

And mainstream US media isn't ideologically driven? I calll bullshit on that. Most US sources of news are incredibly ideologically slanted and gung-ho. Democracy Now is one of the few US news programs that doesn't spoonfeed its viewers Whitehouse press releases unthinkingly.

Comment Re:Tolkien's prose (Score 1) 505

Painfully "droll"?

Droll \Droll\, n.
          1. One whose practice it is to raise mirth by odd tricks; a
                jester; a buffoon; a merry-andrew. --Prior.
                [1913 Webster]

          2. Something exhibited to raise mirth or sport, as a puppet,
                a farce, and the like

I think you may have meant "painfully dull."

Comment Re:"Iran's 'leaders' call for [blah blah]" (Score 1) 164

There is a difference between formal power and real power.

The President of the United States has a great deal of formal power, but very little "real" power. His decisions are constrained in many complex ways by his party, his backers, his financial contributors and the various civil and military services in the US, which are the real creators of policy. They are the ones that present the viable options the figurehead chooses from.

Comment Re:Normal with the new Google policy for gmail ... (Score 1) 122

The phone number thing in Gmail useful, though. It can prevent permanent hijacking of your account. You can always request a new password and have it sent via SMS to your phone.

My mom's Hotmail account was hijacked by some clever phishers a while back, and I try as I might, I was unable to get it back under her control. No support from Hotmail, no replies to my queries, nothing.

So, the phone number request is not without its reasons. But hey, if you don't want Google knowing it, just provide a fake number.

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