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Comment Re:Hazaa! (Score 2) 633

If only. The problem is that once institutional rot sets in, things only ever seem to go from bad to worse. What microsoft is today is not entirely Balmers creation and whatever elements (people) within it that could have led Microsoft to a better place have probably long since been removed or left. Pessimistically, I would assume that whomever is the new CEO will not be able or even willing to right this ship. Those who will pick the new CEO aren't apt to choose someone much different than they are.

Comment Word problems. (Score 1) 91

But the so-called Todai Robot is having trouble with math, 'because the questions are presented as word problems, which the Todai Robot must translate into equations that it can solve,' as well as with physics, which 'presumes that the robot understands the rules of the universe.'

I have that exact same problem. Like me, it'll just have to settle for a state U. Since it's Japanese I'm sure it's parents are very dissapointed.

Comment Re:This is Stupid (Score 1) 622

One possibly surprising way to keep your communications private is to read/post your communications to a very public forum. That way the intended recipient is difficult to determine. Keep the communication slightly covert -- a little steganography goes a long way if you can fly under the radar. Just don't trust others with your privacy.

It's a little known fact that all those "FIrst Post!", "Hot-Grits" and "Natalie Portman" posts on this very site are actually stenographic messages being exchanged by foriegn operatives, no doubt "Soviet Russian" agents. This highly successful method of communication has been going on for years and after careful study, I think their communcations have something to do with computer clusters, but I'm not certain, lately their communications have started changing to carefully crafted car analogies which I am having some trouble decoding.

Comment GPU? (Score 1) 55

I guess these A9's are not SoC integrated with a GPU, like say an Exynos. 24 GPUs + 96 ARM cores in a box could make them attractive for some compute applications. High end GPUs would probably smoke them good though.

A9's are nice, but more compelling as a desktop replacement for the spreadsheet and wordprocessor set, or low-power home servers / appliances. They're just seriously bandwidth challenged, but the average corporate desktop doesn't need it. Replacing hundreds of x86 desktops with Exynos's and you'd see a pretty quick ROI with the power savings.

A15's and the upcoming ARMv8's will be more interesting here, but as they ramp up bandwidth and performance, they'll likely meet Intel in the middle.

Comment Re:I think I know why it's external. (Score 1) 272

I doubt it's too slow, in fact it's likely very fast, and the BIOS issue is no doubt very real, but hardly the first time it's been an issue (and hardly unforseen by BIOS makers). It may be the case that the firmware might not be up to speed with respect to things like TCQ and the like (which seagate has had major issues with in the recent past). So in an effort to get this thing to market as quickly as possible, they could be papering over those problems with USB allright as their external controller can just dance around any problems in the drives firmware. I'd just note that external SATA is _not_ an option, although that proves nothing.

I would advise some caution if attempting to use this drive internally.

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