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Comment Recently switched to KDE. (Score 4, Interesting) 127

I was always sniffy about KDE from way back when it was built using a non-free version of Qt. Recently I have found myself getting so annoyed by GNOME Shell that I decided to give it a try.

What do you know? I really like it. It looks great and can be configured to work more or less how I like it. I think it might be a keeper.

This is whatever version of KDE comes with Debian Jessie.

Comment Political Evolution (Score 1) 1080

It doesn't have to be "Communism" (or if you prefer it "Socialism") vs "Capitalism".

Human beings are endlessly inventive. We can create new kinds of socio-economic systems which improve upon anything we have seen before and are acceptable to the large majority of the population.

Maybe. I hope so.

Comment Niche Product (Score 1) 195

As this is such a niche product - I certainly have no interest in it - I guess the price is okay for whoever really needs such a device.

I am still content with my old Kobo touch. The battery life is still okay and it is in great condition considering I take it to work with me every day. If it broke I would almost certainly replace it with a newer Kobo model as I have got such great value from my current one.

Comment Re:Who Cares? (Score 1) 86

I am using Chrome with Adblock Plus on Android. As long as you can change the proxy settings for WiFi and mobile connections (and I can) it works fine. My phone (Sony Xperia Z3) is not even rooted. You have to download it from the Adblock site as Google have blocked it from the Play store.

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