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Comment Re:Eletronic fingerprint? (Score 5, Interesting) 143

Second translation: DB admins are pretty inept at IT. It's trivial to change the Mac address.

Once again proving that those that do evil deed are typically pretty stupid and leave obvious clues.

You missed the key point too.

The anon poster before you had the right idea.

He wouldn't need to keep the laptop if all he had to do was spoof the MAC address.>

If all he needed was the mac address, then he didn't even need the laptop. He could have spoofed the Mac Address. Most likely there was additional network security which is why he needed the laptop. It could be a cert/key etc. too that was on the laptop which he couldn't spoof.

Comment Re:Why is the government using malware at all? (Score 1) 59

Guns won't free you.

Guns have freed every people who have thrown off a government since guns became widespread.

The world's largest democracy is the result of "NO GUNS". Gandhi/Civil disobedience/Non Violence movement was no match for Guns?

Today's society has no place for guns. Public unrest is what topples governments. Guns rebellions nowadays are replied by bombings. Guns are simply an answer to low self esteem.

Comment Re:The Color of God (Score 1) 720

Rather elaborate description just to say that you believe in a fairy tale that God exists. For a person that sees the colour vs. one that doesn't. It can easily be proven, by using instruments. Although it may be simple enough as taking a black white picture of of green & red patches. The different shades of gray will indicate the presence of different colours.

But what would a color blind person believe? Probably half, who have half of the people they know able to see color and half who donâ(TM)t telling them that color exists, and they would believe that they were lacking in this useless ability.

I actually knew few people that were colour blind, and they considered that to be a disability. Why stop at colour, how about a completely blind person. While I have never had a chance to ask a blind person if he/she believes if I can see, I am doubtful that a blind person will ever say, "No, You can't see, cause I can't and hence it must be true".

A very large percentage of the color blind population would believe that those who believe in color were fools or insane. âoeProve that your âcolorâ(TM) is real!â "I can't.â âoeThen it doesn't exist.â

Bring that person to me, and I will prove colour is real. God is a figment of imagination, and for a colour blind person God is transparent in colour. In my personal opinion, people who believe in god make assumptions, and then reinforce their assumptions with other assumptions. They tend to get so used to it that eventually they don't even realise the difference between an assumption and fact. Born in India, I grew up in religion, learnt about Sikhism as part of my upbringing, went to a catholic school, learnt all about that. Had friends who were Hindus, Muslims, Aryans (yes Aryan) . I was deeply religious up until early twenties, but loved to read and learn more about science, advances in astronomy, earth sciences etc. All that started making more sense than any religion, and started questioning my own beliefs which either made no sense or could be explained very rationally using science. Imagine having a God, who can see when you are having sex, who watches while you shit, who makes you sick, who makes you fail, who kills people for fun, who makes deformed children, still born etc. Just so that people will be afraid and pray.. egomaniac or god?... I can keep on blabbing...but you should've got the point by now. I do aplogise for incorrect grammar, and broken English.

Comment Lotus notes & Tape (Score 1) 620

Production wise, Lotus notes from 96. The server was originally implemented as a Scheduling system and email server; Email was ported long ago, but it still runs the production schedule. On the other hand, my friend has a machine shop. He has a CNC Boring machine, that is from the 60s(I am assuming). Only way to feed the program to this machine is through punch tape. He had called me to see if I can figure out any other way of doing it. Upon opening the computer box, oh boy, huge motherboard with loads of wires, rather than screwing something and turning his machine to scrap. I decided to acknowledge it was way out of my league. On that note, what really got me, was he can still buy those tape reels at the machine supply store. And he has tape copy machine, you feed tape on one side, and the it punches the tape on the other side. The whole thing is mechanical. so Punch tape still in use.

Comment Re: Why do I get the funny feeling that (Score 1) 265

Funny, Working in graphics company here, I've got few iMacs with Yosemite, and they need to be rebooted multiple times during the day. Whilst iMacs & PowerMacs on 10.8 are stable. I can't reliably downgrade a new iMac to older versions reliably enough, cause either they don't work or still have issues. Got lots windows machines too, they work just fine. Same goes with Windows and Linux servers. Can't say the same for OS X server(on xserve, remember those)...cause apple discontinued that. In my (emphasis *my*) 15 years of experience of working in IT, Workstations both PC & Apple are virtually identical. From support point of view, they are both un/reliable. Enpdoint protection, security policies have generally kept machines working reliably just as well. In the 90s while windows boxes were rebooted, running system 7,8 wasn't much better either. All the Mac's needed just as much rebooting if not more. Even upto system 9 things weren't as rosy as most people would make you believe, If I recall correctly it was 9.2 finally when things got stable, but then OS X hit. On that note, Our first Xserve with OS X server was an interesting beast. The OS would completely drop networking support if you changed the IP of the machine. Granted it was early and first few iterations of OS X, but a server that can't be networked reliably is not something that only MS is guilty of. Not trying to bash Apple or anything, but when you are working and supporting Apple, Windows & Linux camps, you realize that they all are the same, they each have their strong points and weak points...all the same.

Comment Re:Favorite Pastime for the Islamists (Score 1) 509

Well... No.

There was about 1000 years of peace before that happened.

They then suffered a series of lost battles with the Christians and their empires pretty much collapsed. And that got blamed on not being sufficiently "pure" in the faith.

Of course that didn't stop the collapse either.

1000 years of Peace????? where????

Comment Re:War of government against people? (Score 1) 875

We have more guns. (Per person!) According to our own government's statistics. Yet we have less violent crime. This is a direct, indisputable DISproof of the idea that "more guns equals more crime".

Here in Canada, we have less guns, less crime and less prisoners per capita than US. By your logic, this is absolute proof that guns are indisputable proof of the idea that, "More guns equal more crime".

Comment Re:Their SSD's worked fine for me. (Score 1) 292

I have an OCZ Revodrive first gen 120GB and its never had a problem. I also have a Vertex 4 256GB thats been running solid since I got it. The only SSD I've ever had fail was a Patriot. That drive was a total slice of crap though. Maybe the popularity decline has sonething to do with them ditching Sandforce for inhouse designs...

Ok then, word of advice, make sure you have daily backups of all your critical stuff. Image the drive, so that it is easy to restore when the drive fails. Right now if it is perfect and you haven't had a problem, the likelihood of you having a catastrophic failure in near future is rather high. This is purely based on numbers/averages available at large on Internet.

Comment Re:Mauna Loa info... (Score 1) 497

Everyone here should at least spend some time watching the documentary on climate change by Sir Paul Nurse. Specific to issue of manipulating global warming data, you should atleast watch this: I just keep on wondering for us general public, what is the vested interest in denying climate change.

Comment Summers Off (Score 1) 729

Maybe at some places, but then it won't be so at other places. I recall my school days in India. By the time our summer vacation started in end of May, the temp. was already +40C and even though the school had AC, it just didn't keep up. It was a routine to see someone faint etc. because of the heat. Hence as it got hotter all physical activities were cancelled and so on. Schools reopened just after Monsoon, and weather was bit more bearable. From what I recall, last few weeks of May, and the month of June, with first few weeks of July, practically everything slows down. The heat would grind everything to a halt, only time you would see activity outside was in the morning hours and then in evening. Although what was very different was that the school year starts in February/March, instead of Sept. (as in Canada), and for summer vacation practically every kid had loads of homework to do, which to a degree kept most kids slightly engaged with learning.... On the other hand. Obviously if there has been studies and concrete results about kids performing better etc. vs. Kids back in the day....maybe we should do that then.. it ok once we have had these kids in longer school hours attempts some Math/Science tests done by kids from 60s ( who had the summer vacation) and then compare general scores with the criteria being that kids can only use tools available to kids back in 50s & 60s. Curriculum that is set now, with the some of the rules that I hear about, should be fixed first before we do anything to hours/length of school year. Our education system has taken a nose dive for worse. Yet when you go talk to teachers, they say, "Oh yes, your kid is fine, he is doing great". I can't believe that we have adults and educations systems in North America exploring Creationism in school.....What are these people doing, why can they think rationally and logically. Do these people realize that there are other religions in the world too, some older than Christianity and Judaism for that. For anyone who argues that summer vacation should be reviewed, should first absolutely commit to the fact that all religions are farce. That alone will expose so much commotion, illogical arguments, bureaucracy and politics in the education system, which if all fixed you won't need extra hours to make kids smart. Six year old kids hear can barely write A-Z, 1-200, some better cases can spell 2-3 letters or add 1-2 digit numbers that is it. Whereas in some other parts of the world with similar amount of schooling, they are already doing short sentences...and are starting to explore addition/subtractions at higher order. All this rant... Fix the education standards first, otherwise all we are going to have more schooling, more expenses...yet same old dumb kids.

Comment Re:So says the religious guy. (Score 1) 1237

FWIW, I'm a Christian who believes in both creation and evolution.

The Bible says that one day God created x, and on one day God created y. It doesn't say how much time elapsed between those events, or how he did it. God could have created the cosmos with a "big bang".

And I believe that evolution occurs, but evolution doesn't explain what happened before the beginning of time, or where all the mass in the universe came from in the first place.

Are you kidding me ??? What was god doing before he created x, where did God come from... Let me get this straight...You believe that god always existed (oh the irony... you can't even rationally prove that god exists) but you don't believe that universe always existed, even though there is overwhelming evidence(we are here ...) and and same sane theories about it (big bang etc.) I am stumped??? how dumb am i ??

Comment Hydrogen Footprint (Score 1) 127

Government: uhm....Yea..but is it green? Prof: This is science, applications come after Government: Can't use it in election. Grant Denied Next Man: This is high gloss lipstick Government: Does it help me in Election Next Man: It will Make PM look 10 years younger with better lips than Angelina Jolie Prime Minister: Grant for $10,000,0000 approved. Have it ready in 6 months Ugh!!! could've done better :( I am comedically challenged...

Comment Re:Sorta (Score 1) 102

Wow..that is so smart :) everything is by the numbers, wonder why even rest of the world hasn't figured that economics is so simple as either X* Y or X*(Y-1)...

But, and here's the important part, so would spending that money on something more useful like schools or water pumps. The money spent on those would create just as many jobs, you know, and you'd also have some schools or clean water instead of a national penis size symbol.

Have you ever been to India, it is great when so many people here point out Illiteracy & safe water? Even if you have schools, uhm how many poor people are going to send their kids to school. Oh wait, forget the the poor people, how many of those who are bit better off are going to send their kids to higher education when the attitude is, what am I going to do with education, there is nothing I can do, all the government does is make schools and dig wells. Oh wait the wells they've been digging aren't so great either. For some strange reason only way Indians can get safe water (when they really need it) is when its got ton of chemicals etc. in it to kill all the unsafe things...and for some reason unsafe water peaks during monsoons(ironic you have fresh water falling from sky, yet all the water is unsafe)...oh did I mention that most Indians (even poor ones) typically boil/purify the drinking water. Oh maybe cause they've been doing that for ages, keeping drinking water separate from regular/daily use water. Then again I am sure you probably know that International firms are probably the biggest water/land polluters now.

Safe water, Universal Education, Safe Roads, Access to utilities are great things if you have money for that, but the reality is quite different. Building the lab will cost money, mostly tax payer money and maybe some donations etc. but it will be far better utilized than those socialist projects. A good sort of example of wastage would be Bridge/Road to nowhere in Alaska(I am sure you have heard of it)...whereas in India an example of waste would be a road that perhaps links bunch of villages together..but the fact is there is no trade between those villages, people's primary mode of travel is Walk/Cycle and/or Oxen/Horse carts. Some better off villagers might have Scooters or 100cc bikes. There are countless schools in India that don't have students, because the kids or their parent think they have better things to do than get educated. You cannot change that thought process, the kids should want to study, parents should want to send their kids to school, and trust me Indian government doesn't have that kind of what will motivate the kids, when they see educated people get jobs, when educated population can afford better living. Right now one of the biggest problems facing the educated population is lack of good jobs.

Only reason lately India has been doing well is because of strange politics, the way Congress, BJP have been locked in horns, its has been in the best interest of past and present coalition government to be *not corrupt* and invest in good long term projects. There have been more smart long term projects & long term policies in India in past 10 years than ever before. During those past 10 year it has been mostly coalition government. Remember this is the same government that made a Nuclear deal with US & rest of the world despite the fact its not a signatory to non-proliferation treaty. Despite all that, its a fact the politicians in India are one of the most corrupt ones you will find in the world if not the worst.

Politicians are bribed to the hilt, so they turn a blind eye. A project like this which will constantly be in public eye and constantly be scrutinized by people like you, will have less money siphoned off than the "School & Well" project. Oh btw, did I mention India has already done countless School & Well projects but never the neutrino lab.

I am not saying that more schools & more wells(or bores for hands pumps atleast) won't help but right now, some thing like this lab would help way more than you think, All those kids that went through School/College/Uni, doctorates and stuff...they can appreciate having a job for a change. I have lived in India, Government policies like Free Electricity & free *safe water* for poor have been around for a long time...these socialist policies are exactly the reason why so many are poor & illiterate as some would say it. Lately the biggest issue was...the poor people keep all electrical devices & water water running constantly without even bothering to conserve etc. cause after all its free, meanwhile anyone who can afford to have a real house or bit more pay exuberant amount of money for both electricity and water(in other words they are paying for wastage by poor people). Its an on going cycle, the politicians dare not start charging poor people cause they need the votes and since poor people outnumber middle class right now...they have more votes.

I honestly don't think you have seen corruption..corruption to the level where it might endanger lives...realistically projects that make advances in science, communications etc. have been more beneficial to Indian lately. Moreover think about it you argument about of the first things they are going to need for this lab is going to be power. Power is something that they already don't have, so to build that lab, they will in turn will have to make power plants..that in itself is one of the biggest benefits that the immediate locality is going to see.

Let me tell you, I kid you not, India right now needs more of these projects than your Keynesian multiplier analysis.

There...I have vented...

I'm screwed

Comment Re:Um, not quite.... (Score 2, Interesting) 384

You got it as wrong as possible when it comes to nuclear bombs. Uranium (or any other nuclear material being used for the bomb) is the only hard part to get. Assembling a nuclear bomb provided you have the enriched nuclear material is supposedly easy/straightforward. Why do you think US & allies are up in arms about Iran's Enrichment Program.

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