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Comment Re:Write-only code. (Score 1) 757

Macros are also inherited wholesale from C and are discouraged (if not resolutely forbidden by good style guides) in C++, so calling them part of "the problem" with C++ seems unfair.

And unless you count macros, the differences between C++ and Java in terms of "ways to write things" begin to disappear. C++ supports operator overloading and doesn't require you (mindlessly, IMHO) to place every function inside a class, but aside from that, you have many of the same options when it comes to structuring a given representation of a program.

Comment Re:Pascal (Score 1) 634

I still wouldn't recommend it for beginners; the sheer weight of all the features and idiosyncrasies (not to mention the occasionally esoteric rules) make it a pretty substantial undertaking to use the language correctly. A good language for a beginner should allow them to focus on learning fundamental concepts, rather than forcing them to attend to countless details like always giving your base classes a virtual destructor and religiously checking buffer lengths and pointers in an attempt to avoid the nasal demons.

Comment Re:This is actually pretty scary (Score 1) 344

Having a tendency to come up with bright ideas under pressure is simply a liability in the world of street level law enforcement.

How about having a tendency to come up with stupid ideas under pressure? The problem here wouldn't be intelligence, but a lack of discipline. Strong reasoning ability doesn't imply an incapacity for working within a control structure or following orders in a crisis.

Comment Re:Enact the assault sword ban! (Score 1) 579

Sometimes it depends on your local police department's policies. For instance, in Ohio it is legal to carry a weapon as long as it is NOT concealed. But, if you try to do so, many police departments will arrest you and charge you with inciting a riot or some such nonsense. Or, if you get in your car with the weapon, you are then concealing it.

It is legal to carry concealed in Ohio if you have the appropriate license. Ohio, like most states, has a "shall-issue" licensing law, which requires the state to grant a license to every applicant not disqualified by a criminal conviction or the like, so this is generally not a problem.

Unconcealed carry is legal in a lot of states, and while police generally don't like it and will often do their best to discourage the practice, in most places they would be treading on thin ice legally to actually attempt to charge you with anything.

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