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Comment Re:Hey, cable companies: (Score 1) 200

And when commercial services just have no interest in serving your community? You can't force these companies to serve you. So, you just do without? So, you doom a community to having no new companies move in because you cant give them good internet service? That was Winston Salem, NC. And they provided their own service because NOBODY ELSE WOULD. And then the NC legislature stepped in and banned the practice for future communities. Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!

So, we have a law banning local governments from providing this service to their citizens because we want to be sure that corporate America won't lose a potential market that they aren't even interested in serving. Again, STUPID!.

Comment Re:Here's a better reason to quit social media (Score 1) 186

Here is one of my problems with it. Social media mostly happens real time. Because of that it unnecessarily injects drama into your life. I don't use any of the main social media services. But, my wife and kids do. It is not unusual for something to blow up online within their peer groups. So my wife and kids start hyperventilating about what happened and looking for solutions and then something happens and the issue gets resolved pretty much on its own.

So, I manage to get through the whole day without drama. And when I eventually hear about what happened, it is all resolved and everything is back to normal. They on the other hand have spent their day caught up in this non-crisis and wasted all kinds of time, energy and emotion on it.

There is definitely such thing as being too available. Many of the social media services make everything too available.

Comment Re:Typical (Score 4, Insightful) 1368

Plus it is exactly the wrong answer. I didn't vote for him. I never dreamed he'd actually get elected. But, I really do hope he shakes things up a bit. Like continuing to point out that representatives rarely actually represent their constituents. I know this is by no means a sure thing. But, if people would work to mold the change in a helpful direction instead of just assuming all change will be bad and therefore dig in or retreat something good might result.

We have to get out of this 'rah rah my team' mentality and start looking for ways to influence the process in a positive way. We have to hope he greatly exceeds our expectations. And we have to make sure we don't poison the political atmosphere so it is impossible for him to do so.

Considering that we have been stuck in a political quagmire for years, it is time for some change. I wish the voters had picked a different agent for change. There is a lot to not like about Trump. But they are absolutely correct that change is needed.

Comment Re:The Amended Bill is Worthless (Score 1) 195

How did the HOA know about the antenna (in order to force it being taken down) if no one could see it?

Good question. HOAs are unfortunately too often enablers for busybodies. My friend has a real jerk of a neighbor who has entirely too much time on his hands and goes around looking for HOA rule violations basically as a hobby. And frankly, I'm not sure how the neighbor saw the antenna. Because it really was not visible unless you were in my friend's back yard. But nobody asks about that. They just point to the rules and say take it down.

In this case, it is a real shame. My friend is a Morse code buff and to see and hear him operate is truly amazing. It is like music. He handles a set of CW paddles like Eric Clapton handles a guitar. It looks completely effortless.

This person also was the emergency coordinator in our area for the Amateur Radio Emergency Service group at one time. He is one of the guys that you would truly want to have access to a working station if something major bad happened.

I'm so glad I'm not in an HOA myself. But that is getting harder and harder to pull off. And that is why we need things like this bill.

Comment Re:The Amended Bill is Worthless (Score 3, Insightful) 195

Meaningless fodder bill in an election year.

Not at all.

... prohibits the application to amateur stations of any private land use restriction, including a restrictive covenant, that—

  • on its face or as applied, precludes communications in an amateur radio service;
  • fails to permit a licensee in an amateur radio service to install and maintain an effective out-door antenna on property under the exclusive use or control of the licensee; or
  • does not constitute the minimum practicable restriction on such communications to accomplish the lawful purposes of a community association seeking to enforce such restriction.

This is so much better than where things stand now. For example, I have a friend who put up a wire antenna in his back yard in an HOA and was forced to take it down even though you could not even see it without trespassing on his property. How is a wire that no one can see without trespassing affecting anyone's home value? But, as things are, it can be banned. Banning a wire that no one can see certainly would not "constitute the minimum practicable restriction on such communications to accomplish the lawful purposes of a community association seeking to enforce such restriction."

Will everything immediately go smoothly and every ham operator get exactly what they want? No, of course not. Will people end up going to court to sort this out? I'm sure that will happen. But over time, an understanding of what all of this means will arise just like it has for satellite dishes and over the air antennas.

This bill certainly isn't perfect. But, it is infinitely better than where things stand right now.

Comment Re:T-Mobile Now More Expensive (Score 1) 196

Few people use enormous amounts of data; if you don't want tens of GB, you are now paying $20 more per month per line.

Bingo! I'm in that boat. I have 5 phones on a family plan and we pay about $140. Now I would have to pay $200. We don't use all of our data now. Unlimited provides absolutely no value to us. So, we'll stay with what we have until they make it impossible to do so.

Then we will explore our options.

Comment Re:Too bad we can't kill all the lawyers? (Score 2) 801

Carter was not driven from office for being honest. He was driven from office because he wasn't doing a very good job. I admire Jimmy Carter. I think he is a fine person. But, he was a horrible president. Even my 'yellow dog democrat' mother in law (would vote for a yellow dog rather than any republican) voted for Ronald Reagan. That was one situation where we really did need someone else in the white house.

Comment Re:The sad fact is.. (Score 1) 660

Absolutely not. Who is sponsoring and voting on these bills? It is not the FBI. Public enemy number one is politicians that want simple solutions to complicated problems. You could also argue that public enemy number one is the public. As voters we either re-elect incompetent incumbents or 'throw the bum out' and then replace them with someone far worse.

We need:

  • To end gerrymandering
  • Find better candidates
  • Vote for them

Ending the stranglehold that the two major parties hold on the election process might be worth trying too.

Just like the average soldier wasn't the problem during the Vietnam war, the average FBI agent is not the problem today.

Submission + - A solution to the security guidelines proposed by FCC for home routers (imgtec.com)

An anonymous reader writes: Back in March 2015, the United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC) issued a security document that included a series of provisions related to the use of wireless devices.

In order to comply with these security guidelines, some manufacturers of home routers and other networking equipment decided to lock down the software powering these devices. This caused an outcry from the open source community who demanded that the FCC and manufacturers would not restrict the free use of the operating system and associated software running on their devices.

Now Imagination Technologies is presenting a proof of concept demonstration that addresses the next-generation security requirements mandated by the FCC and other similar agencies .

The demo makes use of a feature of MIPS Warrior CPUs called multi-domain, secure hardware virtualization. This technology allows developers to create system-wide, hardware-enforced trusted environments that are much secure compared to current solutions.

The platform used for the demonstration runs three virtual machines (VMs) on a MIPS P-class CPU integrated in a router-type evaluation kit; this approach securely separates the OpenWrt operating system from the Wi-Fi driver, allowing them to co-exist in isolation and thus comply with the FCC guidelines.

Submission + - Weary Homeowners Wage War on Waze

HughPickens.com writes: For many drivers, the app Waze is a godsend, providing real-time, crowdsourced traffic tips to motorists desperate for alternatives to congested thoroughfares but to some residents of the formerly quiet neighborhoods through which Waze has rerouted countless commuters, the app has destroyed their quality of life. Steve Hendrix writes at the Washington Post that when traffic on Timothy Connor’s quiet Maryland street in Tamoka Park, MD suddenly jumped by several hundred cars an hour, he knew that Waze was to blame for routing cars around a around a months-long road repair through his neighborhood. “I could see them looking down at their phones,” says Connor. “We had traffic jams, people were honking. It was pretty harrowing.” So Connor became a Waze Warrior. Every rush hour, he went on the Google-owned social-media app and posted false reports of a wreck, speed trap or other blockage on his street, hoping to deflect some of the flow. Neighbors filed false reports of blockages, sometimes with multiple users reporting the same issue to boost their credibility. “It used to be that only locals knew all the cut-through routes, but Google Maps and Waze are letting everyone know,” says Bates Mattison. “In some extreme cases, we have to address it to preserve the sanctity of a residential neighborhood.”

But Waze was way ahead of them. It’s not possible to fool the system for long, according to Waze officials. For one thing, the system knows if you’re not actually in motion. More important, it constantly self-corrects, based on data from other drivers. “The nature of crowdsourcing is that if you put in a fake accident, the next 10 people are going to report that it’s not there,” says Julie Mossler, Waze’s head of communications. The company will suspend users they suspect of “tampering with the map."

Submission + - Scientists Break Through the Clouds to Reveal Source of Jupiter's Wild Weather (gizmag.com)

Zothecula writes: The standard image of Jupiter is of a mysterious planet shrouded in colorful strips, spots and swirls. But what exactly is going on beneath the atmosphere's chaotic exterior is a question that has mystified astronomers for some time. Researchers have now peeled back the curtain by producing the most detailed radio map of Jupiter's atmosphere yet, revealing swathes of ammonia gas that drive its stormy weather and possibly, other giant planets just like it.

Comment Re:White Hat (Score 3, Insightful) 307

I hope the court realizes that the State officials are incompetent retards who created a serious security situation.

Of course they may have just purchased or licensed a serious security situation. There are a lot of poorly written applications created by the private sector and sold to the public sector.

There should be no excuse for a State though. They should have the resources to check out software and services they purchase (especially elections related software or services). When it comes to the County and City level though, many don't have the resources to do this kind of evaluation whether it is available skill sets or money to pay an expert. This is a significant problem that really needs addressing in many localities.

Florida really should drop this one. All they are doing is making themselves look worse (hey!, why just look stupid when you can also look corrupt).

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