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Comment Were there even enough Heavy Elements at 15MY? (Score 0) 312

I'm sure there was plenty of Hydrogen, and probably a lot of Helium at that point, but given that life (as we know it) depends on, at very least, elements up to Sodium (Atomic Number 11), and heaver elements are the result of nucleosynthesis in the exploding cores of dying stars, even with water around, were there enough heavier elements to support life? Was there even enough Oxygen around to form water, regardless of the temperature?

Comment Gravity:Entropy, Big Bang:Big Rip (Score 1) 650

I'm wondering, if Gravity is inversely related to Entropy, then would this explain the initial rapid expansion of the Universe, the settling out, and the relatively recent accelerated expansion of the Universe towards "Heat Death"?

Instants after the Big Bang, there would have been very little entropy, since the Universe was nearly uniform, with almost no differentiation between particles, forces, etc. With little entropy, everything tends to fly apart, quickly. Over a few hundred million years, the Universe becomes more complex, and gravity starts to take hold, slowing the acceleration outwards.

Yet, it had already reached a critical point of expansion where entropty was bound to continue to increase because of the great distances between everything. Thus, gravity weakens on a grand scale, and the expansion of the Universe begins to accelerate again. Would that be a testable (well, it's already observed, right?) prediction of this theory?

Or maybe I should read up on this more.

Comment Re:Prototype in article doesn't seem very practica (Score 5, Interesting) 245

See, that's the awesome thing. They put a tiny camera on the other side, then project what the camera sees/the device obscures right onto your retina, plus some extra info. It's like the projector isn't even there!

Sure there are some parallax issues, and one day you forget it's there, go to bed with it on, roll over, and gouge your eye out, but hey, that's the price of progress!

Comment Tron 2.0 Videogame - No Longer Cannon? (Score 4, Interesting) 320

I really enjoyed the PC game Tron 2.0, put out by Monolith a few years back. It's actually quite clever (some good jokes, and of course the Musak version of the Tron theme plays in "the real world"), and the graphical style makes it almost timeless: it doesn't require high poly count video cards, it's all about that Tron look. The negatives, of course, were that most of the weapons past the disc were superfluous, and the multiplayer lightcycle races grew tiresome after a few rounds. It also had Bruce Boxleitner and Cindy Morgan providing voice talent.

I'm excited about a new film, but I'm also torn about what this might do to the story. Still, it's nice to see an interesting IP still has some life in it.

Comment Install these on Urinals (Score 1) 301

Clearly, every time I take a leak, I could be generating power from the mixing of my salty urine with clean water during the flush. Also, I should be pissing onto a tiny waterwheel hooked up to an electric generator, and there should be a Francis Turbine on the flush release outflow.

Next, we'll poop right into a methane extracting farm, and we'll inject pine cones into each person's lungs to extract the exhaled CO2 directly.

It's perfect!

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