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Comment I want to fully be back in IT (Score 1) 608

Hardly just pay, my current job is too easy, and the rules concerning personal life is far too strict, plus my boss only has a GED while I have some college. Yes, this doesn't work at all...I'd take less money to get out. I wish everyone luck as always, only had one interview in the past 3 months.

Would I jump ship? A different job usually ends up sending you down the wrong path and then you will want to switch back as you realize the grass may look greener, but thats because it has many bare spots hidden by the fence.

Submission + - World's first ornithopter takes flight (bbc.co.uk)

StarTux writes: Inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci, a Canadian student made the worlds first flight in a craft which flaps its wings, which they unsurprisingly named, "Snowbird". It flew 145 meters for 19.3 seconds and is probably one of the last aeronautical achievements left in our biosphere.

Comment Re:Please! (Score 1) 170

All that aside, the game isn't doing that bad as long as you're on a server that is active. Actually, I'm enjoying it way more than I ever did WoW or EQ.

Does an MMO have to be as successful as WoW to be successful? Also, how long does it take for an MMO to even reach the proportions which WoW attained?

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