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Journal Journal: GNAA - anti-slash = nothing

GNAA: Since I know you're so obsessed with me as to check my journal/profile on a regular basis, I'd like to draw your attention to this.
No editorial comments here. Just making sure you see that.
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Journal Journal: Hey GNAA

In Soviet Russia, StarManta trolled YOU!
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Journal Journal: Meh.

Meh. It's a journal entry. I'm still alive.

Thought you should know that much.

Journal Journal: ANTITRUST'd

If you haven't seen Antitrust, and you're geeky enough to read slashdot, GO SEE IT NOW.
that's not a suggestion, or a recommendation. That's an ORDER.

Journal Journal: Mac myths, Part I

OK, I'm sure this has been done many times before, but I'm going to do it again for the hell of it.

I. The one-button mouse. Yes, Apples come with a mouse that only has one button. Allow me to demonstrate the process of making a 2-button mouse work on a Mac:
1. Unplug the 2-button mouse from your PC.
2. Plug it into your Mac.
Do I need to repeat that so you can take notes?
I think most people don't realize they can do this. If you think your PC's 2-button mouse looks ugly next to your gorgeous G5, MacMice has a very nice 2-button-plus-scroll-wheel mouse that looks quite similar to Apple's cute one-button mouse.

II. No software. I've used a Mac exclusively for several months, probably upwards of 10 hours a day, every day; never have I run into a software need a few google searches didn't cure. I prefer quality over quantity, and I recently ran across the most accurate quote regarding Mac's software library so far:
One relatively common notion about Mac OS X seems to be that there's not a lot of software for it. While it is true that the quantity of software available for Mac OS X is not as large as, say, that on Windows or Linux, I believe the software that does exist for Mac OS X provides you as much functionality, if not more, as software on any other platform.

In other words, Instead of having 435 available programs that do the same thing crappily, you tend to have 4 or 5 that do it really well.

To be continued....
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Journal Journal: Things I want vs Things I Need

EyeTV - a nifty little Tivo thing for mac. Expensive, but they can be pretty cheap on ebay.

iPod - yeah, yeah. I still want one. Now that they've bumped the low-end up to 15 Gigs, all that's left is to dig up $300.

The new iLife - lots of awesome softgadgets to bring my hardgadgets together. Bout time I get to record from an iSight to iMovie, and write music (GarageBand - you have to see it in action to believe it), and um... do...stuff.

And now, what I need....
Books. Damn them to hell, they're too expensive. =(
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Journal Journal: Damn power outage

OK, so I come home (and by home, I mean my dorm) and there's no power in my room... a few minutes later I hear there isn't going to be any power in the building from 2-5.
So here I sit in the library, because I'm too addicted to my computer to put it away for 3 hours....

Journal Journal: The OS flowchart of pwnation 2

Mac --> Windows

i find it interesting of how many of these tech time wasters are because of Microsoft. A couple security updates, windows media player crashes, etc etc.... bottom line, things that wouldn't happen on a Mac. Yes, the OS has new versions to download and stuff, But allow me to demonstrate the difference:

Running Software Update to download and install new version: less than an hour *in the background*.
Rebooting afterwards: less than 5 minutes.
America Online

Journal Journal: More Starcraft Pwnation coming soon...

iChat needs to finish getting working properly with AIM already, so I can ditch AIM's butt ugly, processor hogging interface.
A few things I'd like in the next version:
- Profiles? Please?
- When away, it should reply with the away message the same way AIM does.
- A Windows version of iChat AV, so that I can finally talk to the other 97% of the world on my iSight.

God, AIM shoves its ugliness down my throat every time I look at it. I don't think that text is even antialiased! Ew!
The only parts of the aim interface that don't suck are the tabs. Wait a second, Apple made those...

PC Games (Games)

Journal Journal: StarCraft Flowchart of Pwnation, Part II

Any air --> Reavers --> Goliaths --> Just about everything else
|---> Siege Tanks ----------^ ^
\_____^--Nukes ---------------|

Yes, I realize how illegible this is :)

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