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Submission + - Google Starts Punishing Pirate Sites In Search Results (

An anonymous reader writes: Google constantly tweaks how its search engine delivers results to people, but it's rolling out a major new change next week: it'll start generally downranking sites that receive a high volume of copyright infringement notices from copyright holders. Google says the move is designed to "help users find legitimate, quality sources of content more easily" — meaning that it's trying to direct people who search for movies, TV shows, and music to sites like Hulu and Spotify, not torrent sites or data lockers like the infamous MegaUpload. It's a clear concession to the movie and music industries, who have long complained that Google facilitates piracy — and Google needs to curry favor with media companies as it tries to build an ecosystem around Google Play. Google says it feels confident making the change because because its existing copyright infringement reporting system generates a massive amount of data about which sites are most frequently reported — the company received and processed over 4.3 million URL removal requests in the past 30 days alone, more than all of 2009 combined. Importantly, Google says the search tweaks will not remove sites from search results entirely, just rank them lower in listings.

Submission + - Greenland ice sheet not going anywhere in a hurry....stop building that Ark. ( 1

bricko writes: "Doom-laden predictions that the seas are set to rise by a metre or more this century due to the melting of the Greenland ice sheet are well off the mark, a team of scientists has announced in a new study of the matter.

According to Kjaer and his colleagues, the scenarios which predict huge melting and massive resultant sea-level rises are flawed because they rely on a very limited amount of information spanning just a few recent years: the Greenland ice has only been intensively studied for a relatively short period of time. This has led scientists to assume that rapid melting seen lately will carry on uninterrupted, pouring gigatonnes of water into the world's oceans and inundating coastal areas around the planet.

But this is mistaken: it now emerges that periods of rapid melting like the one just seen have happened in the past — but then, rather than continuing, the apparently runaway melting simply stopped.

A related study examining old aerial photos of the Greenland ice was published in June, revealing that in the 1930s the glaciers there were retreating even faster than they are today: but again, the process subsequently stopped on its own. ®

In otherwords.....oops."

Comment News? (Score 1) 117

Two mildly popular distros releasing their betas is not news. An actual release might be news (and that's debatable), but a beta release? Bah.

And just a reminder that /. didn't cover the various betas of Ubuntu either. Or any other popular Linux distros, for that matter.

Also, GNOME 3.2 has been in the stable Arch Linux repos since almost the day it came out.

Comment Re:This attitude makes me sick and I'm tired of it (Score 1) 1016

You don't seem to realise that just because you don't store sensitive information on your hard-drive, doesn't mean that other people don't. Imagine some punk finding an old hard-drive with the XYZ-expensive-product source or credit/debit card info on it in the trash.

Also, he said, "I could use a degausser, but they are prohibitively expensive." (Quick Google search reveals $500 plus international shipping if you don't line in America.)

The Courts

Submission + - Man jailed for trolling ( 1

Xest writes: A man in the UK has been jailed for just over 4 months for trolling, and has also been given an order banning him from using social networking sites for 5 years. The trolling in question involved insulting a person who committed suicide by jumping in front a train by posting offensive remarks on a page dedicated to her memory, and creating a YouTube parody of Thomas the Tank with the deceased girls face in place of Thomas'.

Is it about time trolling to this extent saw this kind of punishment, or is this punishment simply too harsh for someone who perhaps didn't realise how seriously his actions would be taken by the authorities?

Comment Re:Needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few (Score 1) 364

... There are only 3,000 Linux Firefox users out there ...

I find this hard to believe. Firefox is installed by default on many of the most popular Linux distributions (such as Ubuntu, Fedora, etc.). When you consider the millions of Linux users using these distros (yes, I can back that up with reliable sources - can you say the same?), it's not hard to imagine that the number of Firefox users on Linux extends well over a million (maybe millions).

Bear in mind that Firefox is usually installed via a package manager, so the number of Linux downloads (if any) from the Firefox website are not to be relied upon as a true indication of the amount of Linux users using Firefox. In addition, there are also many of us who prefer to compile from source, as we are then free to modify and tinker, or just study out of academic curiosity.

Besides, although I'm not familiar with the Firefox codebase, I'm pretty sure that there is no "Windows version", and it's just recompiled for each operating system. Development "of FF for Linux" is, I think, not an issue.

Just my 2c.

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