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Journal Journal: A question 4

I noticed cmdrtaco's journal had an interesting setting, only friends or friends of friends of his could post comments in it. In the spirit of open source software, I would like to know how I myself can do this with my own journals! Help me out guys!

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Journal Journal: my review of Freebsd 5.0

managed to get a free copy of freebsd thanks to my status as a journalist, however I was sadly disappointed by this product.

I attempted to install freebsd on my IBM laptop, however I discovered my particular model was not compatible (which is odd, since it runs win2k just fine, which has many BSD elements in it). I decided to try it on my p4 system which I use for games occasionally. Unfortunately I discovered that BSD refused to be installed on my NTFS partition, and I was required to create a new partition! I have never had this problem with windows before and was baffled at the amount of work BSD forces one to take on just to get it installed! I decided to abort my attempt at reviewing BSD since it didn't seem to work on any of the systems I had! Furthermore I discovered that not only does Freebsd not run any new games, it doesn't even run Microsoft office, the standard office program! A truly terrible computer product!

I give FreeBSD 1/10

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Journal Journal: why does slashdot lack an msn messenger option? 1

I was editing my preferences today and I noticed that slashdot does not have an MSN option in the user preferences. I saw icq, aim (both owned by the evil AOL), jabber (what the hell is that!?), but no msn!

Considering msn is an extremely popular IM program, it is foolish for slashdot to leave it out! You can contact me on msn though, my msn account is the same as my posted email...


Journal Journal: blacklist accounts = censorship 4

there are some users on slashdot, such as troll blacklist, and no more trolls, who are trying to institute nazi-style censorship of people's views on slashdot.

they are trying to make you add them as friends and have foes of friends get modded down.

This is not a wise choice because you are letting someone else do the censorship for you, just as the government of nazi germany attepted to censor voices of opposition.

Don't let some rabid slashdot users use nazi style tactics on this site, the only person who should be censoring users is yourself. Have some free will.

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