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Comment Re:No, it would not work (Score 1) 594

I too have thought about this, I think a best system would be to have a summary of both topics. Then a voter should be required to complete a quiz that explains the sides of both arguments to make sure that they completely understand prior to voting. Most people are generally apathetic and just go with whatever they hear from other people with a similar background, our media is no longer objective. These people are capable of so much more, but they are victims of a culture that their ancestors created. People in others countries are much happier with much less, America is a country that honors above all else that which makes us unhappy, our ego.

Comment Re:This just in (Score 2) 134

True, but most people don't think like this. Take civil service for example where there is virtually no oversight or accountability for the way time/money is spent, and for the most part the internet filters are off. If they were to poll the time spent surfing the web for personal use, the numbers would be sickening. A person who spends most of their time bullshiting is liked a whole lot more than the ones who spend all of their time getting the work done.

Comment Re:Dayum.... WTF (Score 1) 340

You missed the point entirely. Basically what is being said is "rich man who can afford exotic procedure from well trained professionals will cause poor people with life threatening conditions to seek the same type of treatment but will only receive scams from doctors who have no idea how to do stem cell procedures."

According to TFA, the surgery was a complete success and is doing what it was supposed to do.

Comment I work with this software every day... (Score 1) 86

CHCS and AHLTA are on the slower side. CHCS has an interface similiar to DOS. A big problem with both of them is that they require you to do the same thing over and over for simple tasks. They started rolling out essentris when I worked at labor and delivery, gotta say it was one of the fastest and most user friendly apps but best of all it pools information from one sheet to another which saves time. Also more secure for the fact that it requires you to log in each time you edit a note or add information, which makes it a lot easier to just share the same computer for several patients instead of having to log in and out for each user which can take a while with CHCS and AHLTA.

Submission + - Why gaming companies need a class action lawsuit.

StandardAI writes: Another lazy sunday of gaming, I open up bad company 2 and go to the server browser only to find that I am unable to connect. Really? I have never had problems in the past with this game. I am fucking sick and tired of companies not being held accountable for not providing services that they fucking advertise. If you don't have the infrastructure, knowledge, security, you shouldn't even be allowed to advertise your self as an on-line game. If a person meets all of the hardware requirements and has all of their software/OS/driver updates completed they should be able to run the fucking games. Instead you will thousands of people who are unable to play new releases online even after several patches are released. You are taking advantage of the fact that the corporations are always favored legally, FUCK YOU.

Submission + - Microsoft denies Ballmer's Windows 8 claims (

StandardAI writes: "When Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer told a Japanese software developer conference yesterday that the next version of Windows would be called Windows 8 and would launch in 2012, you'd think he'd know what he's talking about.

After all, he only runs the company.

TFA has a hilarious picture of Ballmer bringing an apocalypse."

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